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Re-Released! | The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexander | #ReRelease #MMRomance #DeletedScenes

Title: The Current Between Us
Includes Deleted Scenes
Author: Kindle Alexander
Genre: M/M Romance
Re-Release Date: 29 November 2016

Gage Synclair, international, hard-hitting investigative photojournalist, is preparing for the final special report of his career…a story of deception and murder six long years in the making. And after ten years in some of the worst parts of the world, he’s ready to settle life down and open an art gallery in his hometown of Chicago. The only thing getting in his way, he needs to find a competent electrician to finish the job before his grand opening.

Trent Cooper, electrical contractor, is surprised by the last minute request for a fast-paced electrical remodel, wanting nothing more than to get his foot in the door with Layne Construction. Being gay in the construction industry isn’t easy, nor is being father to his two young adopted children. Trent keeps his life in separate zones to avoid a short circuit. But when the gallery owner propositions him on the first day, Trent can’t help but think his worlds are a little too close for comfort.

Will their high-voltage passion spark everlasting love or will their lives break the circuit between them forever?

I know when I pick up a Kindle Alexander book I am going to enjoy it and this book certainly followed that trend. I like how Kindle moved away from the more traditional hero type of a soldier, fireman, or cop but here we get an investigative photo journalist who is way off the top of the hotness scale I felt I needed to throw water whilst reading it!

Gage Synclair is a total sex machine with his one night stands and casual hook ups; he has never had a stable relationship nor felt he the need for one. He has been at the top of his game for a number of years, flying around the globe chasing that elusive story and with one final mission to find closure on that he had been investigating for the past six years; he now wants to settle down in one place hence him investing and opening The Art Gallery. This brings its own headache by him trying to juggle contractors and red tape whilst continuing the conclusion to the dangerous trail he has been following when he is let down by his electrical contractor and a new one is found at short notice. How glad is Gage that the original contractor was fired because when Trent Cooper walks in the instant attraction and sexual energy they both feel is a beginning to a life that neither of them envisaged but without a doubt yearned for. 

Trent Cooper is a hard working electrical contractor who is trying his utmost to raise his sister’s two young children after her death. Trent is one for compartmentalising his life so his home life is separate to his work life where any hint of him being gay could prejudice the jobs he needs to continue to raise his family. He does however miss the dating game but finds this near impossible now with his change in responsibilities. He cannot risk losing his focus so he is therefore thrown way off his game when he first sets eyes on Gage. 

Whilst both men are visions of hotness, there ends their similarities. Gage loves being in the spotlight living the highlife whereas Trent is a home body, living his life for his children but finding the need for a significant other a yearning he could not fulfil. He is therefore thrown into a panic by the relentless pursuance by Gage. He tries to fight it at first but then both find this was meant to be. 

I loved the development of the characters and the relationship’s build up. The way their worlds were total opposites was described at length so the reader gained a full understanding of each character. The sex scenes were explosive and explicit – just how I like my m/m reads!!) However, I think we were given too much of the raging hard-ons in the first part of the book – I wondered how the heck both men were walking if the constant referral to this was to be believed.

The secondary characters were a welcome addition and brought some lightness into the mix (especially Aunt Crazy!) The storyline involving the children was sweet and I loved reading the interaction between Trent and Hunter and Emi.

The background investigative story in relation to Abdulla could have had more prominence as when the curveball happened in the book I felt as though this was a little stilted whereas if this had been intermingled along the whole book more it would have had a more natural flow. Nonetheless it was an interesting plotline and even if the one coincidence was not clearly explained I still found this a good addition to the book.

There were some parts a little sickly sweet and would Gage have been at the kissing hands stage on the first “date” after the standoffishness that Trent at first had displayed and Gage’s past history of “wham bam thank you Dude, now take a hike out of my bed” kind of thing. It was nice though to read a book that gave the characters openness to be who they were. Sometimes reading that a gay couple need to hide who they are really irks me, so this was a pleasure to read.

Overall I loved this book and found it to be highly engaging with an original storyline. Kindle Alexander has again taken me on a wonderful pleasure ride and given me two new characters to fall in love with. I absolutely recommend you read this.

This Review was originally posted on Foxylutely Books , Goodreads and Amazon in June 2013

Best Selling Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica in both the male/male and male/female genres. It's always a surprise to see what's coming next!

I live in the suburbs of Dallas where it's true, the only thing bigger than an over active imagination, may be women's hair!
Usually, I try for funny. Humor is a major part of my life - I love to laugh, and it seems to be the thing I do in most situations - regardless of the situation, but jokes are a tricky deal... I don't want to offend anyone and jokes tend to offend. So instead I'm going to tell you about Kindle.

I tragically lost my sixteen year old daughter to a drunk driver. She had just been at home, it was early in the night and I heard the accident happen. I'll never forget that moment. The sirens were immediate and something inside me just knew. I left my house, drove straight to the accident on nothing more than instinct. I got to be there when my little girl died - weirdly, I consider that a true gift from above. She didn't have to be alone.

That time in my life was terrible. It's everything you think it would be times about a billion. I love that kid. I loved being her mother and I loved watching her grow into this incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out. She was such a gift to me. To have it all ripped away so suddenly broke me.

Her name was Kindle. Honest to goodness - it was her name and she died a few weeks before Amazon released their brand new Kindle ereader. She had no idea it was coming out and she would have finally gotten her name on something! Try finding a ruler with the name Kindle on it.. It never happened.

Through the course of that crippling event I was lucky enough to begin to write with a dear friend in the fan fiction world of Facebook. She got me through those dark days with her unwavering support and friendship. There wasn't a time she wasn't there for me. Sometimes together and sometimes by myself, we built a world where Kindle lives and stands for peace, love and harmony. It's its own kind of support group. I know without question I wouldn't be here today without her.

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