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Pre-Order Available | Harmless (Pier 70 #4) by Nicole Edwards | #PreOrder #MMRomance #Review #Sports #Hockey

Title: Harmless
Series: Pier 70 #4
Author: Nicole Edwards
Genre: M/M Sports Romance
Release Date: 28 March 2017

He’s got a secret...

Roan Gregory, one of the four owners of Pier 70 Marina, has managed to paint himself as a loner in recent months. There’s a reason for that. And he’s got every intention of keeping that reason a secret. That is, until he no longer has the option.

He’s got a secret, too...

Colton Seguine, defenseman for the Austin Arrows, has gotten good at keeping the world from finding out that he’s gay. He knows exactly what he can and cannot do. And with whom. That is, until he sees Roan for the first time and all bets are off.

Some secrets are too big to keep.

Temperatures soar when this brooding bad boy gets his first taste of this smoking hot hockey player.

Can Roan and Seg push past each other’s defenses? Or -- thanks to the way the cards have been dealt -- will the time they spent together prove to be just a harmless one night stand?

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This is the fourth and final book in the Pier 70 series, which has definitely been one of my most favourites by Nicole Edwards. It also has a mini crossover with the Austin Arrows series (Seg!) but can be read as a standalone. Having read all the books in both series I would recommend you read them too though.

Roan Gregory has been a bit of an enigma lately and you just knew he was running away or hiding from something, well here we finally find out what has been going on. I wasn’t sure if it was to do with his embarrassment of declaring his undying love for Cam but it was so far from that it was jaw dropping.

Colton Seguine (Seg) is one of the hot hockey stars for the Austin Arrows and well known for his charming ways with the ladies. However one night at a bar he spies Roan sitting by himself and is compelled to go and speak with him. Over the course of the evening the standoffish man relaxes and the pair try to hide their hidden attraction to the other. When the end of the night comes it turns into a harmless (but extremely hot!) one night stand. Nothing else can become of this though due to the secrets they are both keeping. Roan and his troubles with his drug addicted sister and Seg with him being firmly in the closet.

Over a year later they both come into contact again and the merry dance of will they or won’t they begins but the odds are firmly stacked against them being that they are both holding tight to their secrets still. The only thing with secrets though is that they eventually find an out. This attraction is about to get serious.

I loved the slow build and the naturalness of how Roan and Seg come to be. It didn’t feel over complicated or forced as the storyline just flowed and kept you engaged and invested in this explosive union. The attraction was an instant winner and the way Roan tried to fight it made it all the more enticing. I loved how they both (in the end) became the catalyst for each other in making a stand for themselves and not giving in to outside influences.

There were some really heartfelt messages within the storyline that at times were very emotive and tentative. However as in all Ms Edwards’ books there was also a whole lot of hot passionate loving going on. These two were extremely steamy and raunchy between the sheets.

It was great getting to see the secondary characters who have appeared in both series and fantastic to touch base with them again. With there now being a connection to Austin Arrows I hope we continue to see the Pier 70 guys as I will surely miss them. A wonderful ending to a fabulous series.

ARC kindly provided by Nicole Edwards Limited to Foxylutely Books blog in exchange for an honest review

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        Blog Tour | Bishop's Pawn by Suzanne Halliday | #BlogTour #Contemporary #Romance

        Title: Bishop's Pawn 
        Author: Suzanne Halliday
        Genre: Contemporary Romance
        Release Date: 13 March 2017

        War tested, urbane and the complete package when it comes to being a handful, Roman Bishop is a man on a mission. A mission to locate his boss’s surprise half-sister. 

        There’s just one problem. He’s feeling restless and edgy. Too many happily ever afters are going on around him. So when he sets off to find a twenty-something hidden away in rural Oklahoma, the best thing that could happen was finding her quickly—so he could get back to being grumpy.

        Born into isolated obscurity, Kelly Anne James is dogged by her mother’s poor choices. Self-reliant, determined and fiercely independent, she has plans. Big plans that didn’t include duplicating her mother’s pitiful life.

        Destiny however moved these two around like chess pieces until the perfect moment when time, weather and a cascade of surprises turned a simple game into the challenge of a lifetime. 

        Journey to Oklahoma with Roman where he comes face to face with the feisty Kelly and her surprising secrets. Secrets that will shake up his life and the life of his boss and friend. 

        Bishop’s Pawn ~ the happily ever after you’ve been waiting for!

        USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday writes what she loves to read about in her spare time- sexy alpha men!

        When not tapping away on her computer, Suzanne can be found with a mug of tea in hand. She's a lover of travel and also enjoys a good joke.

        Suzanne is the proud mother of USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Fox.

        Series Tour | Immure Diaries by HQ Frost | #Series #Tour #RomanticSuspense

        Title: Immure Diaries Series
        Author: H.Q. Frost
        Genre: Romantic Suspense

        A chance encounter puts Akela Dietz in a stupor for the first time in years. When the encounter happens again and again, she becomes leery of the attractive Brit that puts a beat back into her heart.

        Malcolm Corpseknot III is peculiar, too good looking to be true, and a trained killer. When his scope is set on Akela, he’s not sure if he wants to hit or miss. 
        She’s a force to be reckoned with, already having given up on life, and she’s going to be the death of him. If she doesn’t end up dead first.

        "Who are you?" she demanded answers, not realizing he was pulling her between two buildings.

        "I told you, I'm Malcolm Corpseknot the third."

        Realizing she was being led to a shaded alley, Akela opened her lips to scream and he slapped his hand over her mouth.
        "I'm not going to hurt you," the promise was breathed softly into her ear. "Listen to me." His lips were against her earlobe and his hand sat firmly clamped over her mouth. "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to lower my hand. Do not scream." His eyes met hers, waiting for a grunt, or nod, or some indication of an agreement, but she didn't comply. "I want to lower my hand, Akela," he slowly spoke, staring her in the eyes. "Are you going to scream?"
        Akela shook her head yes and he chuckled, rubbing his forehead with his free hand.

        Cold, collected, crazy. He’s a Death Dealer to the scared. A master to the envious. And a ticking time bomb to the sane.

        Lost, living, lusting. She’s fighting for sanity anymore. Finding a new life directed by a dangerous man holding her heart. But her fragile heart breaks every time he walks away.

        He’s a devil in disguise, but she likes things hot, and he’s going to be the death of her. If he doesn’t end up dead first.

        She rushed to her purse, pouring out a handful of the pills Ed gave her. "Take these." She shoved the now bloody pills into his mouth. "I have to stop the bleeding. Don't move, okay?" Her heart was racing as she ran to the bathroom, grabbing towels and gauze. She could feel her pulse everywhere, making it difficult to use her hands. Taking in the amount of blood, she whimpered, "Malcolm, I don't know what to do."

        "Pull it out." He tried to reach the object protruding from his side that looked like a knife sharpening stick. "Pull it out," he exhaled again.
        Shaking, she gripped the end and yanked, expelling a painful grunt from him that made her heart scream and stomach sick. The blood poured like a fountain and she quickly put a towel to the circular wound.

        "The bleeding won't s-s-stop," her words were stuttered with shock. "I don't know what to do! I have to take you to a hospital."

        "No," he growled. "I need Ed.” His voice was too faint, it terrified her that those would be his last words.

        She’s followed in his footsteps and doesn’t plan on looking back. He regrets creating the woman she’s become, but he won’t deny she’s skilled. Together they could dominate, but they work better alone.

        She’d die for him and he’s killed for her.

        Their love has always been a battle that neither can control. As much as she pulls, he pushes. As often as he begs, she denies. There’s one thing that will always be certain. No matter where they end up, the other won’t be far.

        H.Q. Frost is a fiction dictator that resides in Northeast Michigan with her busy family. She's been writing since her teenage years as a hobby, but she decided to share her love with the world a few years ago! The exhilarating journey of the indie world is one she quickly fell in love with and she fan-girls when someone reads the fiction she's created.