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Title: Bad Boys Need Love Too
Series:  Bad Boys Need Love Too #1
Genres: M/M Erotic Romance
Released: 21 October 2014


Why Do Bad Boys Make You Feel So Good?

“You won’t let anybody else have you, Joseph. I won’t let anybody else have you. I want you all to myself.”
– Gage Mason

Everyone has had their experience with him. The Bad Boy. The one with rips in his jeans and a lazy, devil may care smile on his mouth. The man who can make you do bad things that feel so good.

For Joseph Naderi that man was Gage Mason. They met when Joseph took his motorcycle into Gage’s shop for repairs. The second Joseph laid eyes on Gage he knew he was trouble, but something about the sexy mechanic drew him in. Maybe it was the dark eyes that studied Joseph like Gage wanted to know everything about him. Maybe it’s the way he made Joseph feel with the rough touch of his hands and a possessive grip on his hair when they kissed. Or maybe it’s the way Gage grows to need Joseph, even though he won’t admit it.

For once in his life Joseph is taking a risk. Despite everything that tells him he shouldn’t, he’s taking a chance to be with Gage. Joseph doesn’t know if it will end well. He just knows that he can’t resist that Bad Boy.

Bad Boys Need Love Too is a steamy gay romance full of drama, love, and explicit sex scenes. Gage and Joseph’s story is book one in a complete three book series.

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Originally posted at Foxylutely Book Reviews/Goodreads/Amazon in October 2014

One of my guilty pleasures is to get lost in a long steamy erotic read and this definitely fit the bill. Some may say there are too many sex scenes in this book but hey I’m not going to complain! I love me some hot m/m action.

Joseph is a successful lawyer but the firm he works at doesn’t thrill him. His escape is his racing and motorcycling. When his bike needs some work on it, Gage’s garage is recommended to him. When he takes his bike in he is stunned by the sexy and intriguing man he is confronted with. He feels that Gage is interested but is disappointed that nothing happens at that meeting. He makes an excuse and goes back to make a date.

Gage is a troubled man, trying to eradicate his feelings of failure to the people he loved. He therefore doesn’t get close to anyone anymore, except his band of friends. He is a classic love ‘em and leave ‘em, gender irrelevant. Until he meets with Joseph who is an enigma to him. Why does this guy make him want to see him again and again? He decides he can do casual but nothing more. He has a need to take away his anger and the way he does this is through sex and as long as Joseph can deliver that for him then he is prepared to go back for more.

I really loved this storyline and both characters were winners for me. I totally got the reason for all the sex scenes – Gage has a lot of pent up anger to let go. What a way to go!

The relationship has plenty of angst and grit to get all tangled up with as well as all the erotic interludes the pairing have. I loved how you could see Gage letting go the further and further you got into the book. It’s the little signs I look for that help me to understand the character’s true persona. I also loved how Gage was with his ‘free love’ and the gender irrelevance. This made for plenty of jealousy and angst. It was great how strong Joseph remained throughout and stood up for himself. He didn’t let Gage get his own way which others in the past had let him. This had led to Gage being in a perpetual cycle of self-destruction, never moving on from the tragedies of the past. Until Joseph that is.

I loved the secondary characters, especially Gage’s friends who Joseph becomes part of the gang. It added to the ‘family’ feel of the read. There was plenty going on in the book to keep me enthralled (as well as all the sex, yes!) that it was a heck of a packed storyline.

Great characters, strong relationships and steamy erotic love. What more could you want in an m/m erotic romance? Five stars.

Author Inspiration
Hello everyone! My name is Christa Tomlinson and I’m here showing a little love for one of my older titles. Bad Boys Need Love Too was the second full length novel I completed. It tells the story of Gage Mason, a motorcycle mechanic and Joseph Naderi an up and coming lawyer.

Bad Boys Need Love Too is an opposites attract erotic romance. Gage is blue collar with grease under his fingernails, while Joseph wears nice suits and comes from a good family. But these two men need in each other in ways neither of them expected.

I got the inspiration for this story as I was on a plane ride back to Texas. I had my headphones on and was doodling in my notebook, waiting for plot bunnies to hop by so I could catch one. Then Bad Boyfriend by Garbage came up on my playlist. As I listened, I envisioned a tough bad boy on the back of a motorcycle. He was quick tempered but charming. Rough around the edges, but naturally smart and caring to those he counted as family.

I knew I had to write Gage’s story. And I knew I had to give him a partner who was sweet and could soothe his rough edges. That’s where Joseph came in. But Joseph isn’t a doormat martyr. He gives Gage what he needs, even if it’s not always what he wants. And Joseph has some things to work through on his own.

It was a blast writing this story. Bad Boys Need Love Too is full of angst, drama and lots of sex. As I was writing, I listened to songs from Garbage, Joan Jett and Peaches to get me in the right head space. The influence from those songs was perfect, and helped me create the exact world I’d imagined on that plane ride.

I hope you’ll give Gage and Joseph’s love story a try. If you do, be sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think. Happy reading!


Gage settled down at the metal desk in his office to review invoices for parts orders. He’d only been at it for five minutes when he heard the sound of a motorcycle pulling up in front of his building. He could tell it was a racer by the sound of the engine. The shop was closed, but Gage still went to see who it was. If it was a friend, he'd let them in no matter the hour. But instead of seeing one of his buddies through the glass, he saw the distinct body of the Diavel he'd repaired last week and its owner, Joseph Naderi.

Gage smiled in pleased surprise and hit the button to raise the garage door. He hadn't expected to see Joseph again unless he went after him. He knew he did careful and thorough work so there was nothing wrong with that bike. Which meant that Joseph was here because he wanted to see him.

Joseph rode in and Gage walked over to him as he shut down the bike and pulled off his helmet. Gage didn't even try to keep the heat out of his expression as he looked at Joseph straddling his bike. Again he was dressed casually, and his long, curly hair was down, windblown from his ride. There was the faintest hint of a five o’clock shadow along the sharp line of his jaw and above the curve of his lip. And those gorgeous eyes of his were bright with excitement. This man was beautiful. Even in his jeans and tee, Joseph still looked fresh and neat and clean. Gage wanted to get him dirty. He wanted to see him sweaty with his hair even wilder and his clothes ripped and twisted half off his hard body. So many things he wanted to do, and now that Joseph was back it looked like he might get that chance.

"You're still here."

Gage quirked a brow. "Obviously. What are you doing here? Bike giving you trouble again?"

Joseph shook his head slowly. "No. I uh… wanted to say thank you for fixing her. The ride has been smooth just like you said it would be."

Gage smiled real slow and moved in closer. "You go around and personally thank everybody who does work for you? Your cable repair man? The guy who changes your oil?"
Again Joseph shook his head slowly. "Not usually."

Gage gripped the bike's throttle, watching as Joseph’s gaze dropped to his hand. He squeezed the throttle once and saw Joseph’s throat working as he swallowed. "Tell me why you're really here, Joseph." Sea green eyes rose to look into his. They were so expressive that Gage could easily read his nervousness. Gage smiled again. "I already know but I want to hear you say it."

Meet The Author

Christa Tomlinson is an exciting up and coming author in erotic romance. Her first self-published novel, The Sergeant, was an Amazon Best Seller for Gay and Lesbian Erotica for seven weeks straight.

Christa graduated from The University of Missouri-St. Louis with a degree in History. She loves to create stories that are emotional and lovely with sex that is integral to the characters' romantic arc. Her books include straight couples, curvy couples, gay, and multicultural couples. Love is love and everyone should have their story told.

Christa lives in Houston, Texas with her two dogs, and is a retired roller derby player.


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