Monday, 13 May 2013

Sugar Daddy - Jon Bradbury

Rating = 3 stars

*Copy provided by author for an honest review.

This book was a trip down a different route for me and I liked the idea. It wasn't all hearts and flowers and there’s not exactly an HEA but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Simone White who is in between jobs and needy for money, is saved when her roommate suggests she joins the escort agency she works for to earn some serious cash. Simone is a little hesitant but finally agrees to do it and their first “assignment” is to attend a party for the wealthy. It’s here that Simone meets Will Marcus who has recently hit the big time when his book has been bought by the movie studio to turn into a screenplay.

Will becomes enchanted with Simone and after their first “date” he requests further escort time via the agency for only Simone. Neither of them are looking for a relationship so the arrangement suits them fine and both are getting what they want from it.

Although I did enjoy this book I did find it a little slow to start and was overly descriptive, as such we did not get to meet Will until nearly half the book was read but we learnt in rapt detail what everyone was wearing down to very minor details which were not really necessary. Some of the conversation felt stunted and didn't pick up a steady natural flow.

I was under the impression that this was an erotic book but it wasn't really, in fact there was only one part that this was touched on. For me this could have been a little more sensual and here we could have used more of the descriptive narrative that we were entertained with for the first half of the book.

However I liked the storyline and for a short read it kept me entertained for a couple of hours. 

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