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Title: Storming The Castle
Author: Arianna Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Released: 26 June 2017


Sam Castleton has fame, houses all over the world, and one really big problem—he’s got an album due and he can’t write. All he wants is a quiet place to get his head straight. Dale, Georgia, seems like the perfect quiet spot to try to hear the music again and get some lyrics down on paper.

With her daughter’s paternal grandparents making a sudden appearance and the difficulties of running her own lodge and being a single mom, Faith Adams doesn’t have the time to worry about the mysterious stranger staying in one of her cottages, no matter how sexy he is.

Her newest guest may be surly, but his money is good, so she’s willing to overlook his surly nature. If only she could ignore the way he awakens a searing hunger in her...

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Sam Castleton (stage name Sam Castle) is feeling the impact of an impending burn out. His over reliance on alcohol leads him to take steps to recuperate and recharge his batteries away from the spotlight. This leads him to the small town of Dale where he seeks out that calm in his head and help him to write a new album, alcohol free. What he wasn't expecting was how life changing this was going to be for him.

Faith is a widow and a single mom of a five year old girl. Surviving the shock of her husbands death and the treatment from her in laws, she moves away and opens a small bed and breakfast and cabin site. Still trying to build her business she is given a helping hand when a stranger requests the whole site for top dollar. How could she refuse. Once she meets the reclusive man though there is little else she finds she can refuse for him.

This was more a small town romance for the most part and it was so engaging and heart warming from the start. To see how little by little Sam's overbearing temperament was smoothed and eased with his increasing attraction to Faith but also letting a little girl and a tearaway dog into his heart too. The romance was a slow build but made all the more believable and excitable for the possible HEA that I was yearning for. I was not disappointed at all and my only criticism was that it had to end. I really enjoyed this book and one I was definitely recommend. Four stars. 

Meet the Author

Arianna Hart enjoys spending time with her family, reading anything she can get her hands on, and of course writing! She’d love to spend her days on a beach with a drink in one hand and a book in the other, but until she wins the lottery she’ll just have to settle for chasing her girls around the pool.

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