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Blog Tour: Touchstone For Ever (The Story of Us Trilogy) by Sydney Jamesson

BOOK: Touchstone For Ever
SERIES: The Story of Us trilogy #3)
AUTHOR: Sydney Jamesson
RELEASED: 23rd May 2014
PUBLISHER: SJ Publishing, UK

What would you give to save the one you love? Ayden Stone and Elizabeth Parker are soul mates. They have played at love, succumbed to the magnetic pull of destiny, and forgiven themselves and each other for misadventures in life and love. Now they must look to the future and forever, bearing the scars of battles they have fought and won, together.  To keep a promise, one of these fateful lovers must make an agonizing choice and commit to an impossible task; to embark upon an adventure filled with magical moments and unforgivable acts of personal sacrifice. But...with great self-sacrifice comes betrayal. TouchStone For Ever is the culmination of an epic love story written in the stars, involving a contemporary Princess and her charming Prince. Readers will experience blazing passion, the anguish of a broken heart and every emotion in between as Beth Parker shares her thoughts and feelings about love, life, and a desperate wish for her happy ever after. Sleeping Beauty has awakened from a great sleep but, sadly, not all fairy tales have a happy ending...not even when you belong together for ever, and you're prepared to give... Everything!

With dexterous hands, he leans back and unbuttons my dress; it falls from my arms and flutters to the carpet like falling leaves. I’m standing without shoes; flimsy underwear is all that lies between my modesty and my nakedness.
He lowers my hands from his chest to his hips and them places them on his belt, inviting me to relieve him of his trousers, all the time kissing and nibbling the skin beneath my ear.

I quickly unfasten the belt and release the buttons so the zipper comes down almost of its own accord. With my eyes closed I slide my hand down his jeans, over muscle and through pubic hair until I have him wrapped in one hand. He groans into my neck and the heat of his desire scorches my skin, urging me to tighten my grip and feel the pulse of a rigid cock rippling in my hand. He’s dipping and shuddering, making the kind of noises that have me clenching and so aroused I can barely stand.

With steaming breath he whispers, “Show me how to love you, Beth.”
With my free hand I move his hand to my left shoulder and ease down my bra strap. He follows through, left and right and leans into me to unclip it before it falls and dangles off my right wrist. I begin to pull out my hand.
“Leave it where it is,” he says with a smile and then proceeds to snap the strap and toss it across the room. With it discarded, I am captured in candlelight. This is the first time he has seen my naked breasts. Before, there was only the glow of moonlight. Now there are shadows and the flickering light cast by 20 candles. I feel exposed and lower my head, embarrassed by his stare.

“Look at me!”

I raise my eyes to meet his. “Don’t ever be shy about who you are. You are beauty personified. I have lived many lifetimes, travelled through space and time; read a thousand books and recited a hundred poems, but even I cannot find the words to describe you.” He rests his palms on my breasts and strokes my nipples with the pad of his thumbs, making my body tremble.

“See how you respond? Your body recognises the touch of these hands and no other. These hands are the key to untold pleasures.”

I throw my head back as I feel his erection growing, forcing its way through material, seeking freedom from containment. With both hands I lower his jeans and boxers, allowing it to spring free. When I see it, I gasp. It’s bigger than I remembered, standing long and thick without support. I’m aroused further by its magnificence.

“Give me your hand.”

I lift up my right hand. Enfolding it with his own, he places it around the skin coated rod of iron and begins to move my fingers and thumb up and down the length of it; rolling my thumb back and forth on the upward motion.
With a throaty voice he urges me to give him my other hand. I do.

He places it between my legs, his hand over mine, his firm fingers sliding between my own until they are wet and soaked. With our hands moving rhythmically he begins to fuck my mouth with his tongue. He moans into me, stimulating me even more, and I gasp, caught up in a sexual frenzy that has us both teetering on the edge of an orgasmic high."


There are those moments in life when a person you respect says something to you that strikes a chord, we’ve all had them … that moment came one Parents’ Evening when I was 16. An inspirational teacher said; “Your daughter should consider a career in Journalism or as a writer, she has a vivid imagination and a flair for creative writing …” As a wide-eyed teenager, those words were music to my ears. How prophetic was it that I went on to do just that …

I have worked in Insurance, Fashion and in advertising as a Copywriter and Commercial Journalist and loved every minute of it; creative people are a lot of fun to be around. I swapped the day job for a more meaningful enterprise: having our daughter Jenna. Now 29, she’s a fiercely independent woman living the dream in Australia. She was a heavenly surprise that had me working freelance for four years, doing what I could between feeds, playgroups and afternoon lessons in preparation for starting school. It’s a ‘story’ we can all identify with, I’m sure.
I made a sideways move into teaching in 1997 and, six years later, became Head of English in a High School, making it my mission in life to introduce young people to a range of quality reading material. I try to foster a love of all things creative in my students and encourage them to find that creativity within themselves.

For as long as I can remember, I have lived with The Story of Us in my head. The fact that Elizabeth Parker is an English teacher should come as no surprise; as novelists we write, initially, about what we know … Yet, I should confess, she isn’t me but rather that young, sensitive and na├»ve woman we all were or still are. The difference being, she has been victimized and, because of it, remained hidden. But, unlike some characters who may have suffered at the hands of others, she is not damaged: wary yes, but not damaged. She still believes people are innately good and that is one of her many qualities. It is her propensity for compassion that allows her to invite Ayden Stone into her world when, on the face of it, he’s exactly what she doesn’t need.

So that’s me, furiously typing away until the early hours, unveiling the intricacies of a 21st century fairy-tale; creating an epic story that melds a heady mixture of romance suspense and a touch of the miraculous.


The Story of Us Trilogy ~ Who's in Sydney Jamesson's Dream Cast?
In her own words...

First, let me say thank you for inviting me to share my daydreams with you. Initially I thought this would be a difficult task but, actually, it’s been more fun discussing this topic with my friends and my readers than I thought it would be. Everyone has their opinion, it seems. But, right now, only mine counts. (Ha!) So, here goes …
Ayden Stone

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The leading man has to be Henry Cavill for obvious reasons, not least of all for the fact that Ayden Stone is based on him; the way he looks, behaves and even speaks. If you’re a fan of Mr. C, then you’ll smile every time he raises a brow or massages that cute dimple in his chin or speaks with that boyish playfulness that touches your heart. If that wasn’t enough, then his smile will bowl you over and when he kisses, well … You’ll have to find that out for yourself.

Beth Parker

Elizabeth Parker has been Mischa Barton from day one. She is naturally intelligent and beautiful in an understated kind of way. She has a quiet dignity about her and a wicked sense of humour that she has kept under wraps for years. Ayden affects her on so many levels: emotionally, psychologically and viscerally. As she declares on their first date,
I inhale deeply and breathe him in. "’I ... I’m nervous around you because you’re so handsome and I’m not used to being around men like you." I pause timidly, unsure of myself. “You’re very charismatic and the things you say to me and the way you look at me is intense." I’m losing my nerve. "Y ... you make me sweat and I imagine doing things with you, but I know I can’t have you, and that makes me think you’re being cruel by playing a game I have no hope of winning. That’s how I feel." There, I said it.

Jake Harrison

Another male character who makes his presence felt is Ayden’s sparring partner, in and out of the boxing ring, Jake Harrison. He and Ayden go way back and like Ayden he’s 32, handsome, ambitious and used to getting what he wants. He differs from Ayden in that he still has that playboy mentality, is flirtatious and happy to play the field. He is happy to remain in Ayden’s shadow, for now. Who better than Greg Vaughan? He’s just the right side of sexiness and savvy to pull it off.

Dan Rizler

The next member of this cast is Dan Rizler, a former boxer with a chip on his shoulder the size of Manhattan Island. He’s 39 and ruggedly handsome; made grotesque only by his depraved thoughts. He has an obsessive love for precious Miss Parker that is neurotic in nature and terrifying in the extreme. His tormented soul reaches out to her with merciless hands: he must have her. Who better than Gerard Butler to play the part of this ferocious fiend? He has the body for it, and could conjure up the craziness to portray him.

Elise Richards

Then there’s Elise Richards. Hell Hath no fury like a woman scorned … they say. She is the proverbial biatch. She is 30, with blond hair and a fuller figure. She’s striking in a no frills kind of way and intensely driven by ambition and revenge. Wouldn’t Elisha Cuthbert be perfect, with a few extra pounds added for effect? She could play the crazy ex to a T.  
Charlie Miller

No story would be complete without the loyal best friend. Charlie Miller, is just that. She is described as an, “urban firecracker,” who works hard and plays hard. She always makes an entrance and leaves a trail of destruction in her wake, much like a whirlwind. She is fiercely protective of Beth and less than enamoured by Ayden, who considers her a little brash for his taste.  With fiery red hair she is a force of nature; all fire and no smoke. It has to be Emma Stone.


Then there's Alenka, another ex. She’s a striking auburn haired siren of almost six foot who spend more time on the catwalk than the sidewalk. She is strikingly beautiful and of eastern European descent which makes her exotic and alluring in every sense. She’s Beth’s counterpart and a former lover of Ayden’s. Her Theology Degree only serves to intensity her appeal: she has brains and beauty and is so self-assured Beth considers an act of violence, “She’s smiling so sweetly, I honestly think I may have to hit her over the head with a blunt instrument before I leave. Just to satisfy my need to knock that smug smile off her face.” It has to be Gisele Bundchen.

Detective Inspector Mackensie ("Mack") Bowker

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Detective Inspector Mack Bowker is relentless in pursuit of the truth.  He first appears in TouchStone for giving, and takes on a much more prominent role in TouchStone for ever.  Mack has the unenviable task of digging for clues and putting the pieces of this complex puzzle together. HIs mission in life is to solve mysteries and see that justice is served at any cost, personally or professionally. He has tenacity and compassion, especially when it comes to speaking for victims and defending their honour - especially if they are unable to do that for themselves. Experienced but world-weary, Mack is a tireless worker - a widow who's only companion is his dog, Judy. He hates arrogance, politics and playing games.  Clive Owen would be perfect for this role.

So, there you have it, my dream cast. Now all I have to do is find an agent, sell the idea to a  studio and bring The Story of Us to the big screen! (HA!)


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