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Release Day Review | Trigger (Devil's Reach #1) by JL Drake | #NEW #MC #Romance #Gritty #Review

Title: Trigger
Series: Devil's Reach #1
Author: JL Drake
Genre: MC Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: May 16, 2017

Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Designed

I was raised by the Devil himself.

Formed into a man that was unreachable.

I went from the boy with bruises to the man with a trigger.

Killing is the only thing the calms the itch.

The demons inside were a constant battle.

…until she changed everything.

When you spend most of your time

in the dark, is it smart to step into the light?

Trigger is the first in a new MC series, Devil’s Reach. If you like your MC reads gritty and blood thirsty then this one is for you. 

Trigger has come from a horrific childhood and dragged up by a monster who made Trigger do underground fighting from a young age. Having now taken over the MC and trying to move it in another direction, Trigger is still affected by his past and his dark and dangerous demeanour leaves everyone quaking in his path. When Brick’s best friend, Tess, from the past turns up she sets in motion a massive change in everything Trigger has believed about himself until now. Throw in some serious action from rival MCs and it’s a cooking pot just waiting to explode!

Tess is running from somebody or something and even from the little snippets dropped in the storyline here and there, it’s not clear exactly what this is. She has run to her only safety, Matt who is now part of the Devil’s Reach MC with the road name Brick. When she gets a job in the MC’s bar nobody expects her to stick it out due to their kind of life. But Tess is a lot stronger than she looks and nothing they throw at her has her running for the hills. And there is plenty of shocking and horrible sights that she sees. This MC takes no prisoners! 

The storyline was a little difficult to decipher at first as there is no lead up and explanation that gently settles you in. Nope. The reader is thrown into the thick of it with blood thirsty murder and mayhem that is a tad gory at times from the onset. Also be prepared for a big cliffy at the end that will have you gasping and needing to know like yesterday what the hell is happening now. 

A mean, gritty but passionate read full of intensity and drama that is definitely not to be missed. Four stars. 

*ARC kindly provided by the author to Foxylutely Books in exchange for an honest review

Bestselling author J. L. Drake was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, later moving to Southern California where she lives with her husband and two children. 

When she’s not writing, she loves to spend time with her family, travelling or just enjoying a night at home. One thing you might notice in her books is her love for the four seasons. Growing up on the east coast of Canada the change in the seasons is in her blood and is often mentioned in her writing. 

An avid reader of James Patterson, J.L. Drake has often found herself inspired by his many stories of mystery and intrigue. 

She hopes you will enjoy her stories as much as she has enjoyed writing them.


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