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Review - Come Undone - Jessica Hawkins

Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins

First book in The Cityscape Series

Rating = 5 stars

*This book was provided to me by the author (via Netgalley) in exchange for my honest review*

This is the first book in the Cityscape series. When I first read the blurb of this book I thought it may be a difficult one to read due to the content in relation to infidelity that it touches on. But it happens in real life right? So I put on my big girl panties and kept my mind open to absorb the story. Absorb? Oh yes it did.

Olivia Germaine is everything a woman sets out to be in life – good, a good friend, a good employee, and a good wife. Since the abrupt divorce of her parents when she was a teenager she has vowed to be everything she can be so her life does not go down the same track her parent’s did. Nothing will veer her off this straight, narrow and very safe track. Then on a night out with her husband, Bill and friends, she looked over the crowded room and locked eyes with the hot, attractive stranger and it rocked her safe little world apart.

David Dylan is a hot shot architect and a total player with his string of women who continually beat down his door for a night of hot passion. But David is bored of this life so when he sees Olivia across the room that fateful night he becomes obsessed with this beautiful woman. The coincidental meetings that follow all lead to a path of intense and powerful feelings unleashed. 

The book had a slow build up and did not feel rushed at all. In books I usually want instant gratification but with this book I actually felt it needed the hesitancy. I liked the engagement of the secondary characters that enables the reader to fully build up a profile of what Olivia’s life was like before David entered it. 

The chemistry between Olivia and David is off the charts. The sex scenes were explosive and mind blowing. David was an instant winner for me, a total swoonfest. He tried to do the decent thing and stay away from Olivia when he found out she was married. So this showed he was a decent guy underneath but sometimes life throws things at you that cannot be ignored and he finds he cannot stay away from Olivia no matter how hard he tries or that she tries even harder. I did however get a little peeved with Olivia; she was so full of angst about her having to be on that one path that she became a martyr to the cause. I guess this was also helped by me not liking Bill at all. Whether this was how he was intended to be written or how I have played him in my mind, I just could not understand how blasé he was about his marriage. I also could not understand how Olivia and Bill could not see the cracks in their marriage that were obvious to me.

The ‘will she/ won't she’ lead me on an angst journey and I found myself getting more frustrated as the book went on. I knew it wouldn't be a happy ever after as a second book is due out soon but when I got to the cliff-hanger? I cannot repeat the expletives that came out of my mouth!

I found this book to be absolutely absorbing. It was extremely well written and original and I for one have now found a new author I will continue to look out for. As such I was so pleased to find out I was able to do an ARC review for the follow up book – Come Alive. Yay!


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