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Grand Slam - JT Cheyanne

Contemporary M/M

Rating = four stars
This was a number of firsts for me – my first JT Cheyanne book and my first about baseball. Both are something that I will continue to read.

I really enjoyed this book and was hooked on the whole baseball world (being from the UK it’s not something I come across) I loved the imagery of Spencer in his sports kit. Yum!

The story surrounds Spencer Hightower, a minor league baseball player with his eye on the big time of playing for the majors. Brock Kinkaid is a lovable geek who spends his working day number crunching. His dream is to one day have a family but as a gay man with disappointing experiences with past relationships he can see this slipping further away from him. This is why he spends so much time with his sister and her two adorable children Corey and Anna-Kate.

It is through Corey that the two gorgeous gay men are brought together – at a baseball game where Corey catches the ball that Spencer had hit into the crowd. This leads to a photo call and the pair locking lustful eyes on each other. The story then continues with their developing romance and all the misunderstandings and heart wrenching that entails.

I loved the chemistry between the two MCs and found this an easy read to fall into. Spencer surprised me at the dominance he displayed as I thought Brock, being the more serious and mature would fulfil this part. It was nice to see my expectations given a curveball! Spencer is the light to Brock’s dark and the way they interact with each other was a joy to read.

As with all good m/m reads there was some bigotry thrown in and I liked how Spencer handled that. However this also introduced a major bigot and the impact he had on the blossoming romance. It makes my blood boil that people do act like that in real life. Grrr.

Jason was another interference that had an impact on the pair. He wanted Spencer for himself and played on Brock’s insecurities to put a giant boulder in the love flow. What a piece of work he was (although he sounded darn sexy too LOL)

The pace and flow of the read was good and as such I didn’t want to put it down. However that was one little irk that just wouldn’t sit right with me and that was the behaviour and actions of Anna Kate who at four years old seemed well advanced for what she said and did. It is only because of this that this is a 4 star read. Everything else was fab!

An overall enjoyable read and has lead this English bint to want to read more about baseball. Oh and watch it (those tight pants just do it!)

 JT Cheyanne is now on my radar and I shall be watching out for more from her. 

Rock My Bed - Michelle A Valentine

Contemporary, Erotic, M/F

Rating = 5 Stars

I absolutely ADORED this book. In fact I will go as far to say this is the best book in the Black Falcons series.  This book just blew me away.

This is book 2 in the series (there is a 1.5 but that is still Noel and Lane) and I was a little apprehensive to see it would be about Riff. Not that I didn't like Riff, not at all as he has intrigued me from book 1, but he didn't get the best profile after all that went down with his big fall out with Noel. Oh and his reputation of being a total dirty dawg with the ladies. Yes he came across as the ultimate rep of the bad boy rock star, with his tats and piercings and his freaky Mohawk, he was a total embellishment of that role.

The book starts more or less at the beginning of the series and gives the reader an insight of what was going on around Noel and Lane when their story was being told. It pulled lots of things together for me and gave me a better understanding of some of the things that kicked off.

Riff is the lead guitarist with the Black Falcons and he loves his reputation as a ladies man with his fans. His one night hook ups help to keep his inner feelings protected and he uses his outside persona to keep people away and from getting too close. But then he meets Aubrey the little “Wild Cat”

Aubrey is the BFF of Lane and comes face to face with Riff at the Texas concert where he deems to “award” her with one of his golden tickets. But when Aubrey lets it flutter to the floor he sees the challenge in her that totally fulfils his kink. When he sees her friend request on one of his fan pages the next day it leads to some serious flirty PMs and an eventual hook up when she goes out on the tour at Lane’s invite.

From the start I loved these characters, with the flirty banter and the cheeky innuendos you could feel the passion pouring off the pages (well kindle screen) but as much I as liked Riff and Aubrey it was all about Zach and Kitten that got the love factor for me. Yes we find out that Riff’s real name is Zach and is the “real” him – a wonderful, lovable, all round good man who has learnt to close his heart and his feelings due to the tragedy of his family in his past. He sees that his “wild cat” who he semi tames to be “Kitten” is the one person who he wants to let in and with whom he can see all the good she brings into his life.

I just fell hard for Zach; I utterly adored him all way through. This book felt a lot more mature than the first book for some reason which gave it more strength for me. But I found it fascinating that I fell this hard for a character that I didn't really care for much in the first. This is all down to the wonderful writing of Michelle A Valentine. She truly is amazing at drawing the reader in and developing the relationship of reader to character so naturally. I found myself wondering how I could ever have not liked Riff/Zach.  I even found myself fangirling over Aubrey! No girly angst or hang ups for her!

The best part of this book for me was the” I won't give up” moment of the wonderful Jason Mraz track. This song is so close to my heart that it ingrained Zach and Kitten to me more. A wonderful moment in the book, beautifully done.

I highly recommend this series to anyone, and even though you could read this book as a standalone I strongly suggest you read them all in order otherwise you will not get to witness the beauty of the development of Riff’s character. A ten star read for me. Amazing.

Rock the Band - Michelle A Valentine

Contemporary, Erotic, M/F

Rating = 5 stars

This absorbing novella is really the long epilogue of Rock the Heart – book one in the Black Falcons series. After all the trials and tribulations of a roller-coaster of a romance between Noel Falcon and Lane Vance, we finally get to see the pair without all the angst that went on and now making a future together.

It was great to see this all from Noel’s POV and to understand the depth of his feelings for Lane but also the niggling worry that she still may leave him, especially as Striker; from rival band - Embrace the Darkness, has offered her a job.

Noel takes her away from all the trappings that being on a tour bus brings, to be alone together. Hence he takes her to see his hideaway home in Kentucky. But in the midst of the big love in, Lane takes ill and what a consequence that bout of illness will impact on their future together – in a totally mind blowing good way!

No sooner had they got back to the tour though when Lane needs to go home to take care of her Mom, but it is this time away that brings everything to a head and Noah knows what he needs to do. Oh it was so adorable what happened on the dock. I loved it.

This series has so ingrained itself into my affections that I just cannot get enough. I was so stoked to see that Rock My Bed is up next (I read it straight after) and is about Riff and Aubrey. Riff – hmm I've had my eye on him from book one.

A wonderful catch up with Noah and Lane and I highly recommend this series. I am such a fan girl. Yup! A five star read. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Outlaw by Nicole James

Contemporary, M/F

Rating 3 stars 

One of my favourite types of reads is bikers, MCs, tough cookie women and alpha men so to see this book cover and read the blurb I was rubbing my hands with glee and looking forward to the ride. Well the first part of the book didn't grab me but it was getting better but then for some reason it kind of went off track, got stuck in the mud then went in a totally different direction.

The basics of the story is Cole, VP of the MC, comes to the rescue of Angel who is being dragged across the car lot of the Dead Souls MC by the yucky Chucky for further degrading and vile treatment which he had been submitting her to for the past few days. Rape was mentioned so when she is rescued by Cole her behaviour towards him is a little hard to digest. Anyhow long story short they start a “let see where this goes” kind of relationship when neither can let go of the other. The retribution against Chuck takes the story to a darker place and tries to give some insight into the depth that Cole has come to in his world.

Next part runs forward three years after they were separated by interference from Mack the Pres of the MC. This is where I became a little unstuck and the plot seemed quite patched together and did not flow at all. Parts were so unbelievable it actually had me giving some serious LOLs.

I did not really “gel” with the characters and couldn't really identify any feeling towards them at all. Cole was far too weak a character to say he was a VP of an MC. Even a prospect would have seemed more dangerous than him! As for Angel she was a contradiction to herself. I found myself rooting for them both but I just couldn't pull it off, there was nothing really for me to drawn to either of them.

This book could have been so much more! There is a promise of a really good book here but the weaker parts just let it down.

I can see some other reviewers have really rated highly for this but after reading an Ashley, Wylde or a Sheehan biker book it was way off the mark for me.

Overall it was an OK read but did not rev my engine enough. I will, however, still look to read another of Nicole James books.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Coming Soon! 
Watch this space!
Review to follow

Grand Slam by J T Cheyanne

Real - Katy Evans

M/F Contemporary Romance

Rating = 5 stars +
This book is amazing, this book is raw, this book is off the charts, and this book is REAL! Oh WOW from the first line I was drawn into the atmospheric epicentre that is Remington “Riptide” Tate’s World.

Brooke is dragged along to an underground boxing match by her friend Melanie and here she first sets eyes on the dynamo that is Remy. He looks out from the ring and his eyes fall on Brooke. Here is the start of something big, something electric, and I loved being in the thick of it!

Due to a major disappointment in her life when she drops out of the Olympic trials after a career ending injury, Brooke is looking for a new purpose in life. What she doesn’t realise is how totally flipped her life was about to be.

Remy is at the top of his game, a lean, mean, killing machine. In the ring he is undefeated; he pours all his life’s disappointments into his focus of being the best. He is a total womaniser and user; he cares about nothing but the win. But then he meets Brooke.

I love Remy! He is divine! He is one damaged, deep, delicious, alpha badass you just want to devour. He is “Dimples. Dark scruffy jaw.  Boyish smile. Man’s body……” Oh. Em. Gee!!

The day after their explosive first meeting, Remy sends tickets for the next fight and gives Brooke and her friends ring side seats.  Brooke cannot take her eyes off Remy, he is intoxicating to watch. She cannot believe that this man wants her and promises herself she will take what she can from him. After the fight (which he wins of course) he asks her to join his crew and be his private therapist for the rest of the tour. Whilst this is a dream come true for her career, she feels somewhat disappointed he didn’t want her as his personal sex goddess. What she doesn’t know is that although Remy wants her as much, he is fighting his own personal demons and will not let Brooke in unless she KNOWS him. And WOW what a curveball that turns out to be.

The sexual tension in this book had me biting my lip constantly and crossing my legs! The author really knows how to create a build up because when IT did happen – sheesh, it was HOT! And then it got hotter and hotter.

The only itty bitty irk I had was the huge coincidence in that her darling sister Nora, who she thought was in Australia, turns up at the other side of the ring as the girlfriend (read plaything, captive sex object) of Remy’s nemesis, The Scorpion. Just a little bit unbelievable. However I loved the plot, the characters, and the whole shebang of this book. It was another “I WILL NOT PUT THIS DOWN UNTIL I HAVE FINISHED!” book for me.

I totally fell in love with this book and the whole underground boxing world, but mostly Remy. An utterly wonderful character with so many sides to him he was a story in himself. There was also a brilliant playlist with this read that totally rocked and was part of the experience of the story.

I am now totally stalking the author for more Remy – how wonderful to know that more will be coming in MINE due out in June. Time for a re-read of this FIVE STAR + book I think before then.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

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Taken before her very eyes by Wade Faubert

Summer Demure — a police officer on stress leave because of a brutal abduction that nearly took her life — is elated when her abductor is finally captured and she's called upon to ID him. Everything seems about to come to an end. However, before she's able to make the ID, her husband is viciously stabbed and her daughter taken away.
The ransom note has no dollar figure — only one demand. Release the man she's supposed to ID and set him free.

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Review to follow soon!

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Come away with me - Kristen Proby

Rating - 3 stars

This was such a lovely read. No angst or shocks, no suspense or violence, just an honest and straightforward romance.
Natalie Connor is a freelance photographer and whilst she is out and about in downtown Seattle taking shots for her next project she is almost accosted by Luke Williams who mistakenly believes she is paparazzo trying to invade on his privacy. Nothing could be further from the truth as Natalie has no idea he is a hot movie star trying to live his life out of the lime light.  When Luke realises this and that with this sexy curvy woman he can be himself as long as she doesn’t find out (for now) what he does, well things start to develop.
As I said a lovely read as the relationship turns to love. I liked Natalie even though her body issues started to get to me as there was nothing to have issues with (she had T and A – she’s a woman for heaven’s sake!) Luke was divine – jealous and possessive but extremely sweet and kind. Oh and he was sexy as hell!
A few little irks let this book down such as the over use of the word “beautiful”. The number of times he said she was beautiful really started to irritate me and after about the twentieth time I was ready to sling my kindle. I did a kindle count up – it appeared 185 times!
There was also too many sex scenes – I can’t believe I’m saying that either – but it did make me skip some parts. Less often but more in depth would have been better.
However I still enjoyed this book and I’m surprised this was a debut novel. It was nicely written. Just a few tweaks could have pushed this for a higher rating. Anyway nice read that has not put me off getting the next book. In fact I already have it loaded on my kindle. 

Review - Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander

Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander
Rating = 5 stars +
I loved this book! What could be better than a movie star and a cowboy? A movie star and a cowboy who have the hots for each other that’s what!

I had total cover love (yum) and the blurb was a winner – well hot movie stars and cowboys needing a shove out of the closet? Yep that’s for me!
This book was fantabulous from the first page leading you from one world where fame and the trappings of that fame make for a life unfulfilled to a world where freedom to be who you are and finding the other half of your soul is.
Austin Grainger is at the top of his game and an adored movie star. But Austin wants out of this fake life with his fake fiancé and hangers on, he hankers for his old life back in Texas and a memory of one hot glimpse in the school showers. He needs to be free to be his true self without his every move being covered by the paparazzi and where better to do that than the wild open plains of Texas?
Kitt Kelly is a local Texas ranch owner, pulling the family business back from the brink of failure from where his father had run it to before his death. So now Kitt finds himself working the business back up, taking care of his step mom and two sisters but hardly any time for himself.  That has to wait to his twice monthly secret “hook ups” in Dallas of which he has no intention of letting anyone know the truth behind these. He lets the town think he is too busy for the women who throw themselves at him at the local bar. If they ever found out about the true Kitt his business would be ruined. Or would it? Kitt is so far in the closet it is sealed shut with superglue. But then Austin Grainer turns up to be the person who has bought some land from him and is now his new neighbour.  Yep, his secret crush he has had since he was in school is back in town!
I adored these MCs, with Kitt and his insecurities and Austin with his taking no nonsense from anyone – they just worked well opposite each other. I loved when Austin played detective and found out that Kitt was gay; there was no stopping him getting his man! Oh and when he saw the underwear, which was a pure giveaway! That scene was so hot – Kitt furious as hell, standing there in his low slung jeans, showing off his tight abs and Andrew Christian underwear, not taking any shit from anybody- oooshk! Get at it Austin!
I did feel some parts were a little over generalised and more could have been written – for example their first night together when they both found they were gay and wanted the same thing. This could have been elaborated more and a whole chapter of hotness could have been developed on their first explosive night together but the reader only got a quick glimpse and then told in general terms what had gone on. However, the relationship grows stronger with them both agreeing they were “exclusive” but then the tabloids got hold of the story  for their own exclusive forcing Austin to take a risky decision. Oh and the way the HEA was written made up for missing their first night. I “flippity flopped” at the epilogue – wonderfully done Kindle!
Kindle Alexander is a cross genre writer and as I am a cross genre reader; she is totally on my radar. I’m so glad she was and I did not miss out on this book. I adored it and want more Kitt and Austin. I have a severe case of book hangover. Seriously readers – you need to read this book. Ten stars for me!

Own the Wind - Kristen Ashley

Rating = 5 stars +

So here it is at last – first book in the new Chaos series which I and all the KA addicts have been eagerly awaiting. This series has grown from the book Motorcycle Man (Dream Man series) where we first meet Tabitha “Tabby” Allen, daughter of Tack, leader of the MC Chaos.
Tabby has been crushing on Parker “Shy” Cage since she was sixteen years old and we got the first glimpse of this in Motorcycle Man. The story picks up some 5 years later at a turning point in Tabby’s life.
Shy was a lost soul since the death of his parents and with his brother now serving in the forces, he takes to his bike and rides the wind which brings him to the Chaos MC and his “brothers” where he finally finds a home and family again. Shy is aware of Tabby if only as the irritating daughter of his “pres” who keeps needing to be saved from situations she often finds herself in. However he finds himself feeling an overwhelming need to protect her.
Shy is a total woman magnate, an alpha male with all the yumminess that is tats and a biker! He often wakes up in a “babe pile” and easily earns his colourful reputation. When he again needs to go extract Tabby from a situation he mistakenly jumps to the wrong conclusion and hurts her deep. This leads to a total standoff between them for a long time and Shy knows he needs to amend for this wrong.
I was quite worried that this would be a more YA book when I first learned it was to be about Tabby but was pleased the book starts some five years later than MM and then the relationship builds over another couple of years. Oh and what a relationship build up! Shy is the total mirror of Tack who has always, ALWAYS! been my favourite of KA’s alpha men. I love this man deep! So obviously Shy is now on that same pedestal. Nobody can write an alpha man like KA can!
It was good to also see some of the other characters from the Dream Man and Rock Chick series such as Tyra, Hawk (yum!) Brock, Mitch, Lee (rawr!), Elvira (bad ass) and the wonderful Tex. The scene with Tex and Landon was beautifully done (man hugs *tear*) and speaking of Landon – he so better be in his own book. Please can I be his h? *shoves hand in air screaming Me! Me! Me!*
I’m glad to see that now KA is with GCP she has not been overly polished. Yes I can see subtle differences but we still have the very essence of her within every lovingly worded paragraph, every HAF kiss and every scorching sex scene. Yowzer sistah!
So do I love this book?  You bet your socks I do! In fact I think this is now one of my ultimate favourites of KA. I dreamed a dream……of a dream read. Oh yeah. Ten stars.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Creed - Kristen Ashley
Rating =  3 Stars

Contemporary Romance. Read 19th September 2012

This is the second book of the Unfinished Hero series. The first book brought us the hot bad ass Knight – Knight Sebring of whom the female of this book, Sylvie Bissenette works for, looking after his “girls” who are under his protection.
Tucker Creed is Sylvie’s long time ago true love who she met when she was six years old and he was eleven. He promised her he would always be there for her, to love and cherish her, continue to give her peridot pendants on her birthdays for eternity. Then on her eighteenth birthday he broke that promise and left without a trace.
The story begins again when Creed returns to her side, sixteen years later when he takes on a contract with Knight. What then follows is the couple trying to resolve the issues of the past and what was left behind.
Hmm…I have mixed feelings about this book which I am so saddened to say as Kristen Ashley is one of my most favourite authors. To me this book did not follow the outline of the series. Who was the unfinished hero as Creed did not meet the criteria. How was he an anti-hero? What badness did he do? I could have maybe understood if KA had called this book Sylvie as, yes she did fit into that role (at a pinch).  I know that Kit had stated she did waver on calling the book this – I think she should have.
I could not bring myself to like Sylvie, she was OK but she got on my last nerve at times! She was too bad ass, too gung-ho, too MANLY for my liking. Yes I love that KA does not have wimpy assed women in her books, but Sylvie just went way over the top.  Creed on the other hand was likeable, he was doable! *grins* but he wasn’t like Knight at all. He did show the signs in his younger years which we saw in flashbacks throughout the book but in the present he was an OK guy, no badass at all.
This story actually reminded me of a book in Kristen’s The ‘Burgh series - Golden Trail. It was very similar in how Layne and Rocky were once lovers but then broke apart and got back together after decades. He also had kids to an ex-wife (by the way I LOVED that book!)
Another thing that got me going “hmmm-hoo-hum” was the sex. Yes I am complaining about TOO MUCH SEX! It wasn’t even meaningful and didn’t really benefit the storyline. Yes of course there was a need for some erotic sex but some of the scenes were not erotic ....just..…there on the page.
So all in all not my usual KA experience, I can’t say I hated it, in fact I did like it but I just did NOT love it. I feel so bad saying this but it left me feeling….so what?  Oh dear.

Skybound - Aleksandr Voinov

Rating = 5 stars
M/M - Military.  Read 19 August 2012
This clever novella tells the intriguing story of Felix, a mechanic for a squadron of fighter pilots and his deepening attraction to Baldur Vogt, who is one of the said fighter pilots. The story unfolds at the end of World War 2 in 1945 when Baldur takes a few days leave after he is injured and he asks Felix to accompany him. The relationship then builds and the bond that ties them deepens.

I found this story immediately engaging, in that I read it in one sitting without interruption. It was so absorbing and beautifully written. I must admit I have berated in the past about short stories and novellas not being for me as I like to be taken on a long journey with my reads. I will never moan again. Voinov is a master storyteller whether it is on ten pages or a thousand pages; he can deliver what the reader is looking for.

There was no gratuitous sex in this book, neither was it needed as the relationship between Felix and Baldur was cleverly executed. It was sweet and I absolutely adored the scenes at Baldur’s home.

I also loved the atmospheric background details of the traits of war, which made me feel I was there in the thick of it. It was interesting it was told in the first-person and also from a German POV which I had not come across before (yes even in my social and economic history lessons at college!)

I was so enthralled by this book that I went straight on to read again. I’m sure I will continue to go back and read time after time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot recommend it enough. Please go read it, you won’t be disappointed. 

Ooh it's nearly here! The long awaited sequel to Undeniable. I for one can NOT wait!
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I'm starting to blog again! I was blogging a few years back but due to life getting real busy and a sad stressful time over the last 4 years I took a step back. I continued to post some reviews on Smashwords, Amazon and Goodreads but now feel the time is right to put them all together in one place. Over the next few weeks I will be uploading my reviews from the past year and obviously my new reviews. Happy again to be sharing my reviews and blog again! Yay