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Promo / Cover Reveal and Giveaway - Come Together by Jessica Hawkins

Come Together by Jessica Hawkins

Come Together is the third and final installment of The Cityscape Series.

The Blurb

With a single decision, Olivia Germaine’s fantasy has become a reality. Now she is faced with two commitments: one she must make and one she must break. But in order to accept a love she never thought possible, Olivia will have to let go of the broken past that defines her - and of deeply-rooted fears that could ruin everything.

Everything is what David Dylan wants to give her, and it’s what he wants in return. He must prove to Olivia that despite his playboy ways, he’s worth leaving behind the stable future her husband can offer her. David is a man who always gets what he wants . . . but this time he may be fighting for something unattainable.

Can Olivia escape the past that threatens to consume her?

And can David break through to her before it does?


And now for the cover......
*drum roll*


Genre = Adult Contemporary m/f
Release Date = September 13th 2013
Cover Photo: © 

I adore this cover! And I adore this series so I can not wait for the release of this third and final instalment.

Author Bio:

Jessica Hawkins grew up between the purple mountains and under the endless sun of Palm Springs, California. She studied international business at Arizona State University and has also lived in Costa Rica and New York City. Some of her favorite things include traveling, her dog Kimo, Scrabble, driving aimlessly and creating Top Five lists. She is the helpless victim of an overactive imagination that finds inspiration in music and tranquility in writing. Currently she resides wherever her head lands, which lately is the unexpected (but warm) keyboard of her trusty MacBook.

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Come Together is the third and final installment of The Cityscape Series. The following links are for the first two books, Come Undone and Come Alive.

The Cityscape Series Purchase Links:

My reviews for the first two books can be found by clickety-clicking the covers below 

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Review - The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander

The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander

M/M erotic

Rating = 5 stars
*This book was supplied direct from the author in exchange for my honest review

I know when I pick up a Kindle Alexander book I am going to enjoy it and this book certainly followed that trend. I like how Kindle moved away from the more traditional hero type of a soldier, fireman, or cop but here we get an investigative photo journalist who is way off the top of the hotness scale I felt I needed to throw water whilst reading it!

Gage Synclair is a total sex machine with his one night stands and casual hook ups; he has never had a stable relationship nor felt the need for one. He has been at the top of his game for a number of years, flying around the globe chasing that elusive story and with one final mission to find closure on that he had been investigating for the past six years; he now wants to settle down in one place hence him investing and opening The Art Gallery. This brings its own headache by him trying to juggle contractors and red tape whilst continuing the conclusion to the dangerous trail he has been following when he is let down by his electrical contractor and a new one is found at short notice. How glad is Gage that the original contractor was fired because when Trent Cooper walks in the instant attraction and sexual energy they both feel is a beginning to a life that neither of them envisaged but without a doubt yearned for. 

Trent Cooper is a hard working electrical contractor who is trying his utmost to raise his sister’s two young children after her death. Trent is one for compartmentalising his life so his home life is separate to his work life where any hint of him being gay could prejudice the jobs he needs to continue to raise his family. He does however miss the dating game but finds this near impossible now with his change in responsibilities. He cannot risk losing his focus so he is therefore thrown way off his game when he first sets eyes on Gage. 

Whilst both men are visions of hotness, there ends their similarities. Gage loves being in the spotlight living the highlife whereas Trent is a home body, living his life for his children but finding the need for a significant other a yearning he could not fulfil. He is therefore thrown into a panic by the relentless pursuance by Gage. He tries to fight it at first but then both find this was meant to be. 

I loved the development of the characters and the relationship’s build up. The way their worlds were total opposites was described at length so the reader gained a full understanding of each character. The sex scenes were explosive and explicit – just how I like my m/m reads!! However, I think we were given too much of the raging hard-ons in the first part of the book – I wondered how the heck both men were walking if the constant referral to this was to be believed.

The secondary characters were a welcome addition and brought some lightness into the mix (especially Aunt Crazy!) The storyline involving the children was sweet and I loved reading the interaction between Trent and Hunter and Emi.

The background investigative story in relation to Abdulla could have had more prominence as when the curveball happened in the book I felt as though this was a little stilted whereas if this had been intermingled along the whole book more it would have had a more natural flow. Nonetheless it was an interesting plotline and even if the one coincidence was not clearly explained I still found this a good addition to the book.

There were some parts a little sickly sweet and would Gage have been at the kissing hands stage on the first “date” after the standoffishness that Trent at first had displayed and Gage’s past history of “wham bam thank you Dude, now take a hike out of my bed” kind of thing. It was nice though to read a book that gave the characters openness to be who they were. Sometimes reading that a gay couple need to hide who they are really irks me, so this was a pleasure to read.

Overall I loved this book and found it to be highly engaging with an original storyline. Kindle Alexander has again taken me on a wonderful pleasure ride and given me two new characters to fall in love with. I absolutely recommend you read this.


Promo - Alternate Connection - Cover reveal, ARC giveaway and Swag packs giveaway!


The next installment of the COUNTERMEASURE SERIES has a tentative release date set for November 5th, 2013. The story continues where TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE left off and pursues a parallel between Trevor and Cassandra Bauer’s quest and a daring attack on US nationals.


CIA operative Nathan Nelson has built his life on secrets. Secrets about events that have shaped him into the man he has become. Events that taught him to keep his shields up. He has kept them buried in the past and nobody—not even Cassandra Bauer, the woman he claimed to love—knows of them. Now, those secrets have come barreling down on him at the worst of times.
Foreign Service Specialist Rachael Moore's personal crusade puts her in the crosshairs of very dangerous people. She would risk everything to achieve her goal even if it means exposing her battered heart and deeply concealed dreams to a man who doesn’t know the meaning of love.
Unbeknownst to both, their reconnection may not only bridge the chasm between the two of them, but shed light on a puzzling mystery. Their perilous journey becomes a race for their lives, leading them into a conspiracy rooted deeper than the tangled emotions between them.
Will their collaboration shatter the tenuous link woven in the past or forge a bond they never expected could exist in the future?


Nathan shook his head and pulled out the first folder containing the personal file of Gerald Blair, U.S. Envoy to the Middle East. The report was thorough and contained a detailed account of both his professional and personal life. He raised his eyes to Hanson. “Do you want to split’em?”
“Nope. I’m done with them. They are all yours.”
“While I waited for the fax. I’m a fast read, Nelson. Keep that in mind.” Hanson’s lips quirked in a cocky grin as he leaned his seat back and closed his eyes. His disheveled appearance and the hickeys decorating his neck a clear indication he needed some shut-eye. “Let me know when you’re done so we can discuss the details.”
Nathan sank in his own seat, his mind teeming with questions. Questions he didn’t think he would have answers to any time soon. He had a long analysis ahead of him considering he was also looking for pieces of a puzzle unknown to Hanson. Unlike Hanson’s, Nathan’s focus also encompassed the files belonging to the two agents and two drivers who’d been killed in the attack.
With that in mind, he returned his attention to the folder and began studying the first of the people they were supposed to know inside and out before they set off for ground zero. As he read through the pages, he looked for inconsistencies, hidden information, or activities that could have made Blair a target. Anything that could have put them all in the crosshairs of whoever had taken them.
The situation was more complex than the usual hostage kidnapping. While religious extremists were quick to claim responsibility, those who’d abducted the six remaining members of the diplomatic convoy two days earlier hadn’t made any demands through the media. They’d simply dropped off the radar as if they’d never been.
There had to be a reason for that divergence from the usual and that reason could very well be tied to Nathan’s prime directive. The answer could be in any of their past or present and, if he was to be successful, he had to find it.
He beat his way through Gerald Blair’s file and took notes as he moved through. Blair had been in extensive contact with Palestinians and Israelis—unavoidable contact since it was an integral part of his job to mediate peace in the region—and that in itself could have placed a target on his back.
Nathan set Blair’s file aside and moved on to the next in the bundle. As he flipped it open, his whole body stiffened in his seat. A buzzing noise flooded his ears, and his sight dimmed. His field of vision narrowed to the picture on the page and the name listed—Moore, Rachael. Status: Widow. Rae.
His blood iced in his veins. For a moment, he felt detached from reality expecting someone to pop up in the seat in front of him pointing a camera and screaming, “Gotcha!” He fixed his eyes on the file again. Phillip Moore’s wife. Was that why Hanson had made that comment about setting personal involvements aside? Nathan stared at her familiar image for a moment before diving in. Some of the information in it was known to him. Some was brand new. He read the declassified report on Phillip’s death with a heavy heart and the thumping in his chest rose to such a loud racket he thought it would wake Hanson from his beauty sleep.
The more he read about Rachael, the more his frown deepened. Why was she working at the embassy in Israel? How had she come to be assigned as a personal assistant to Blair?
Phillip had been crazy about her, and Nathan understood why as soon as he’d met her. At the time they met, she’d been working on a business associate degree with some difficulty due to the sudden transfer to the US. Neither had mentioned she dabbed in international politics back then. Had she made a career change after Phillip’s death? Guilt punched him in the gut and he held his breath, squeezing his eyes shut to keep self-flagellation at bay.
He’d gone through that cycle many times before. He wasn’t about to slide down that road again. If that was how he could redeem himself, he was going to take it.


cc_mediumSQUAREWriting had touched Chris Almeida’s and Cecilia Aubrey’s lives in different ways through the years but had never taken flight. It was in 2010, when Chris and Cecilia met and began role-playing online as a hobby, that writing placed itself front and center in their lives.
Chris and Cecilia have since chosen to release all their titles independently. They have several short stories and two novels published under their own label, √Čire Publishing, and are vocal supporters of independent publishing done right. They are currently working on the third novel in their series. Through all the chaos and laughter, they still hold true to their roots, bringing their favorite role-play characters and stories to life.

You can find them at:

Chris Almeida -
Cecilia Aubrey -
Authors Facebook Page -
Series Facebook Page -
Chris & Cecilia-
Countermeasure Series -
Chris -
Cecilia -

Photography by Jenn LeBlanc of Studio Smexy for Illustrated Romance

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Promo - Coming in January 2014 - Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young

Hey there everyone - I just wanted to share the trailer for the next book in the On Dublin Street series by Samantha Young. This will be book three - Before Jamaica Lane. I have LOVED this series so far and I can't wait for this release (well OK I will have to until January LOL)

Just clickety click below to take you to the trailer!


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Spotlight on......Jon Bradbury

Jon Bradbury

A very warm welcome to the blog today to author Jon Bradbury

Jon Bradbury is the author of ten interracial black woman-white man erotic romance e-books including Worst Kept Secret and The Professor, and is busy madly writing more. His other interests include reading, watching Leverage and So You Think You Can Dance on TV, music, the internet and video games. He writes full-time now thanks to the never-ending Great Recession, lives in Reno, Nevada and is permanently single, or so it seems.

FBR: Hi Jon. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you don't mind a little I mean getting to know you chat? 

JB: Of course I would love to - please be gentle with me!

FBR: OK I'll try haha *winks*

FBR: How long have you been writing for and what was the first step you took?

JB: I suppose you could say I've been writing since high school. If it weren't for my English Composition teacher I might never have discovered my talent for writing.

FBR: Can you tell us how your books got into distribution? Did you go down the self-publishing e-book route?

JB: Actually I am published through a publisher, Extasy Books, but when my first e-book Colorblind was published back in 2005, I had never even heard of e-books or knew the e-book scene existed. Now of course I know a lot about it but even though I am not self-published I still feel like an indie writer.

FBR: So how did the relationship with Extasy Books happen?

JB: Back in 2005 I was surfing through Yahoo Groups, and found a group for an e-book publisher known as Extasy Books. From there I visited their website, and submitted a manuscript for a book entitled Colorblind. The rest, as they say, is history. People might be jealous that I don't have a trail of rejection slips to show, but becoming a published writer was a huge dream come true for me.

FBR: How fabulous that you got signed straight away. Would you ever consider self-publishing for any of your future books?

JB: Self-publishing is a huge undertaking. All those tasks that a publisher would do, while you write, you would have to do. So for anyone considering going the self-publish route, I would advise them to ask themselves honestly if they think they have a good head for business, because they will need it.

FBR: How have you found your journey of being a writer? Can you divulge a little of the experience you found with this?

JB: I have found being electronically published a liberating experience. You can be published, too, without ever having written so much a word, without ever having been published before, even without not having an agent.

FBR: Your books are centred on interracial romance affairs – was this a conscious effort for you to delve into this or a natural progression?

JB: I suppose you could say I was practicing what I preach. I'm an open-minded kind of guy, and I could see myself with a woman of a different race. But I could also see potential problems, and I also write about those.

FBR: Where do you get the inspiration from for your books – especially the characters and the situation they find themselves in?

JB: One of my books, The Favor, I had read online somewhere about a job fair for unemployed teachers. For Sugar Daddy, I had seen on a calendar that the Fall Equinox really did fall on a Friday. I get inspiration from the strangest things. I've even had ideas come to me in the middle of the night while I'm answering nature's call.

FBR: Can you explain to possible ‘new to you’ readers what they can expect from the books you have written so far?

JB: Readers can expect strong female characters who have flaws to one degree or another. The male characters are not pushovers, however. I also write strong plotlines. I like to indulge in details, probably too much. Also, since I write erotic romance, my books also contain sex scenes. As my career as a writer has progressed, my books have become ever more explicit.

FBR: So Jon, what is the next book about and when is it due for release?

JB: Well, the next book is way out of my genre, I have written a short story about time travel for a time travel anthology. It should be coming out within the next few weeks. As for novellas, I am typing my little fingers to the bone as we speak. One story borrows a little from the series “Scandal,” in that its about a US Senator who hires a beautiful secretary. And another story is about a man who owns a private airline that caters to the wealthy, and gets in over his head with a married woman. I am also doing some research for a historical novel about a fictional American pilot who enlists in the Royal Air Force during the period of World War II before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. 

FBR: Finally – who is your favourite author/authors? What books do you find that wonderful escape in?

JB: Eric Jerome Dickey is a favorite. So is Timothy Zahn, author of the Heir to the Empire Trilogy. And I am a big fan of all the Harry Potter novels.

FBR: Ooh I shall have to check them out - and you can never go wrong with a bit of Harry Potter - look how well he turned out! 

FBR: Great to chat with you Jon, thank you and I hope to read more of your books in the coming months

To connect with Jon please clickety click the links below:

You can find my review of Sugar Daddy by Jon Bradbury


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Review - Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

Book 2 in the Chaos series and linked from Motorcycle Man in the Dream Man series

Rating = High Five!!!

This book! This book! WOW is one of the words that sprung from my mouth when my kindle flicked to the end. I abso-freakin-lutely loved this book. Awesome!

I am so loving this series – Chaos – but then something that was spawned from Motorcycle Man (Dream Man series) could have no other effect on me. Everything to do with Tack *heart flutter* would always be a positive for me.

However I must admit that after reading Own the Wind – Shy and Tabby’s story (the first book in this series) I was a little reticent to learn the next book would be Hop and Lanie’s story. Not because I didn't love them (they are Chaos family after all!) but because of what went down with them in Motorcycle Man. Hopper came across as a serial cheater and a player and Lanie as an over the top drama queen. Yes both had been through some series crap but I didn't want to cheer them on – they were kind of a secondary second character (if that makes any sense) and I was wondering how KA would be able to build their story.

Well I should not have had any doubts and I should know by now after all these years of reading KA that she would deliver. 

Lanie has been more or less a recluse for the last seven years – yes she has built up her business, kept close with Ty-Ty her BFF and the Chaos family but she has stayed clear of any man. She cannot give her heart again to any man after the way it was crushed by her fianc√© who got himself whacked by the Mob. However Lanie has kept her eye on Hopper Kincaid and when she needs an itch scratching she propositions him at one of the Chaos Hog Roasts with an offer he can't but tries to refuse. 

Hopper can’t believe that this beautifully, classy, rich woman is offering him a one night only, no strings attached, passion fest. One lip touch in his room and all bets were off and the light was ignited. A one night only leads to a fourteen nights pants off! 

However with both Hop and Lanie having deep “issues” it becomes apparent that the love-in would soon have a spanner thrown in the works and the doubts creep in leading to some explosive stand offs. Oh what stand offs they were with the scenes played out really gave me some serious flip floppities, some bad snotfests, and some happy clappy moments. 

The development of themselves and the relationship was a joy to read through. The amazing thing for me was I got to 90% and suddenly realised there was no shootings, stabbings or kidnappings but I seriously, SERIOUSLY did not think the book lacked anything. It was lovely to read a whole book about the relationship without the sub plots. I think the backstory of both provided sufficient drama without anything else being poured into the mix. Well played KA!

Of course we still had some of Lanie’s drama but because here we find out more of her life story it weaves well into the book and I got to love her. As for Hop (‘tache, patch, cut, and ass) he was gorgeously bad ass for me. He is up there with Tack (and for those who know me that is saying some serious praise) and straight to the top of the Lush List! Yes even with knowing how the “cheating with the skank” went down and what really happened all those years ago and what Mitzy did, well it cleared the way for Hopper “Hop” Kincaid to be my Lushness of the year so far.

So do I like this book? No. I LOVE this book and I LOVE this series. A totally high five rating for me.  Babe.


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Review - Access Restricted by Alice Severin

Access Restricted - Alice Severin

Read February 2013

Rating = 5 stars
Book two in the Access All Areas series and here we get to dig deeper into those rumours relating to Tristan (I want to know did he do IT with AC?!!) Anyhow I have been in a book “love-in” with this series. A weekend full of Tristan and Lily, with a little intermingling of Trevor who in my eyes is the backbone of this book and my hero! Any way I digress….

So Tristan left us with the cliff hanger at the end of the first book with that text to Lily. OMG where is this going to go? Well …..London baby! Yes Lily is to accompany Tristan on his UK tour of his solo album to do a full write up but also research for a possible book about his early career with his band, Devised. Will she find out if the rumours were true about his ex-wife (the biatch!) and Paul? Was it for real what he did with AC? (I was kind of cheering for that one, yay!) Whatever she uncovers in her interviews with the people who were around at that time – would this have an impact on their newly discovered relationship? Would it cast a shadow over everything they had built so far?

Oh I have loved this series so far, totally hooked. In this book there is a lot less sexy time but no way does this detract from the powerful storyline that has you dipping and soaring every emotion you have. It was so sensual and heart wrenching. I had a physical ache in my heart at certain parts that had me reaching for the tissues. I just want to shout out all the best bits where they happened but that would give most of the book away and I hate spoiler reviews. But OMG it was soooo good.

The secondary characters were strong and really gave this book backbone. I had issues with her manager, Dave (but underneath I guess he was OK) and his manager, James (what a nasty piece of work – I just wanted to bust his balls off!) But it was Trevor, oh the wonderful Trevor who I just wanted to hug HARD. He was the hero of this book for me and took everything that was being said, everything that was happening and just made it make sense. He was one of those guys you just gravitate towards who can make things happen. He was Tristan’s producer who had been with him since the early days and had helped Tristan through his dark times after the breakup of his marriage and ultimately his band. It was through this interview Lily has with Trevor we learn so much about Tristan.

Then just when you think everything is working out to reaching a wonderful ending, Aghhh! It all gets smashed to pieces. It happens on the opening night of Tristan’s first concert in London where outside influences put a massive spanner in the works. I’ll just say it involved the ex-wife and his ex-band mate but others were also in there with their own axe to grind. Frustrating! 

Don’t worry the ending is eventually good (phew!) but not fully concluded. This carries on in the next book where the tour begins. I love being on the tour bus! Please Ms Severin can I book my slot in one of the bunks now? 

Absolutely loving this series and totally recommend. 

Review - Access All Areas by Alice Severin

Access All Areas - Alice Severin

Read February 2013

Rating = 5 stars
I downloaded this book a few months back but by the time I got around to reading it I forgot what it was about so rather than going back to read the blurb I just dived right in. There is a rather long prologue (two actually!) and it was this that got me hooked. Some parts were a little uncomfortable – well the coke snorting but then this is a book about the rock scene so I guess to write about that it would need to be included. Well I’m sure it happens if the gutter press are to be believed!

So we have our girl, Lily. She loves her music and has been actively blogging about it until she gets a chance to go to one of the industry’s awards ceremony and write about it for a magazine. It’s here she bumps into two of the rock gods of the newly rated group, Devised – Tristan and AC, but its Tristan who gets her pulse racing. But that’s where the prologue ends and the book starts – five years later and once again Lily comes face to face with Tristan.

Lily has made a name for herself as an up and coming rock writer and is asked to go and interview Tristan on the eve of his solo career after Devised has dramatically called it quits. Tristan is totally cool and in control at their first meeting but he is wary of journalists after what had happened when Devised crashed and burned. He plays his new album to Lily which has a totally mind blowing effect on her, especially one song which takes great relevance in the book. It’s as though he has written it for her and surmounts all her life has been about up to now. Seeing the effect this song has on Lily gives Tristan an insight into this beautiful woman. Hence they begin their secret hook ups. And oh what hook ups they are!

Tristan is a total rock god-controlling-hot-as-they-come Dom but Lily is not so easy to submit to him. Well at first she isn’t but then when the breakthrough happens – sheesh, the hot-o-meter melts!
The storyline continues with their unconventional relationship – filled with angst, insecurities, no game playing but plenty of HOTNESS! Neither of them are perfect and both have issues from the past that is stopping them taking a chance on each other. I liked both of the characters straight away and for this alone I felt it contributed to the easy flow of the writing. Some parts maybe a little over descriptive but did not detract from the build-up of storyline. In fact I read this in one sitting and a good job it was a weekend, hence able to read through the night, as I could not put it down!

I love books that are to do with the Rock scene and those oh so gorgeous bad boys we adore. This book for me is up there with the best of the Rock Star contemporary/erotic reads. I was glad to see this was book one in a series of three (possibly more) Book two was already out and needless to say it was an immediate download for me and another night of continued reading. 

Thoroughly recommend this, especially if, like me you like your book heroes to be the ultimate, dominant, moody, sexy and sinful but oh so sweet in his hidden psyche. Result! Onto book two – Access Restricted. 

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Review - Cold by Brandon Shire

Cold by Brandon Shire


Rating = 5 stars
Another beautifully written book by the wonderful Brandon Shire. I know when I open a book by this author I am not going to be blindsided by hearts and flowers but it will be a real, in your face absorption of a read. Cold therefore did not disappoint.

The story centres on Lem and Anderson and their connection when they meet in the dim and soulless place of prison.

Lem is a lifer who was convicted for the murder of his brother some twenty years ago. He is a giant of a man but a gentle one at that. He has lost all hope of ever having the life he set out to have when he was a younger man. Living his life with his love for the outdoors and the forestry job he so passionately adored but which was cruelly taken from him after he committed the ultimate crime of his brother’s murder.  Lem has accepted his punishment and will not consider any other life other that what he now has inside the prison walls. He is a man with no life, no fear and no hope. Each day he plods on with his now monotonous life, keeping himself to himself with his protective shield of fear he portrays to the other prisoners.

Anderson has served eight years in prison after being betrayed by his lover and being a party to a crime he was blinded to avoid. We meet Anderson in the final eight months of his sentence which is also the books timespan. He has spent his time keeping his head down and out of trouble, waiting for the day he can walk out of the prison walls and continue with his life. But then he comes to the attention of an inmate who will not take no for an answer which results in a barbaric episode that brings a together Lem and Anderson in an explosive connection.

OK just let me get this off my chest… I LOVE LEM! There I said it and I want to rave about with a placard proclaiming this. I just wanted to grab hold of that gentle giant and pour all my love for him in one ginormous hug. He had me in bits, absolutely so. He was so misunderstood and such a tragic soul. Little was said of his full background and why he came to be as he was so there is so much more to understand about Lem.

Anderson was the more open of the pairing and at first he was petrified of Lem after what happened in that prison corridor but after time he could not ignore the invisible pull that transpired between them. It was a slow and torturous build up to their final connection but it was blissfully portrayed when the scenes of their togetherness were read.

I loved the interaction with Anderson and his sister on her weekly visits (she is kick ass and a great secondary character!) and his mother was a force to be reckoned with. Talk about a lioness and her cubs!

The ending was a heart wrench of a read. When I was reading it I was not aware there was another book in the making (yay!) so thinking there was nothing else but what happened I was in blubs. That beautiful man and that beautiful last night have left a lasting impression on me. I thought about it for days afterwards and still now get that heart stutter of a feeling.

A wonderful read and I cannot wait for the next in the series. 

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Spotlight on.........Jessica Hawkins

Jessica Hawkins

I am so excited to welcome Jessica Hawkins to the blog today. She is now firmly entrenched on my favourite author TBR list after reading the first two books in her fantastic The Cityscape Series. The first book being Come Undone (released 1st Jan 2013) and the newly released second book Come Alive (30th May 2013)
This series is so addictive and original, a brilliant page turner even though it does cover that highly emotive subject of infidelity. 

FBR: Welcome Jessica, thanks for stopping by today and agreeing to the Q & A session. 

JH: My pleasure, thank you for the great questions.

FBR Can you give a little background about your writing and how you came to be a writer?

JHI always knew I wanted to write a book, particularly a love story. Since college, I’ve traveled and moved around, tried different jobs, but I was always left unsatisfied. I needed a creative release. One day I just started writing, and this story – The Cityscape Series as a whole – was seriously in my head. I had to get it out. Now, a year later, the second book is out (was released on the 30th May) and the third is in the works.

FBR:  What is it about the contemporary romance genre that keeps you writing about it?

JHPeople really interest me; I've always been an observer. And I think at the root of most things – money, power, good, evil – is the desire to love and be loved. That would make love and, of course sex, two of the most powerful things in the world. I wanted to explore that concept by delving into the meat of it. What would people do, what would they give up for love?

FBR: OK, let's talk about book covers - money is no object - who/what would be the ultimate cover for you?

JH: I actually really love my covers as they are. I wanted them to be sensual and attractive, but most of all, I wanted them to leave a lot to the reader’s imagination. I intentionally left off faces (for the most part), and a male presence. Reading allows people to create their own landscape. With a little help from me, I wanted the reader to see his or her own version of the characters. I didn't want to spoil anything by putting David Dylan on the cover, even though I have a clear picture of him in my head (and he is HOT).

FBR: Yes David is absolutely HOT! Just give me a minute to re-gather my thoughts after that swoonfest!

FBR: OK I've calmed down heehee - so where do you get your inspiration from for your storylines?

JH: I get inspiration from everywhere. I'll be eating dinner and have to run to my computer to make a note about something. But mostly music. Music fuels my imagination; it makes me feel, and it drives me to put those feelings into words.

FBR: Which authors do you read? Who are your favourites?

JH: I like authors who take risks, push boundaries. And who show beauty through words; I love to be awed by an author’s sentence structure, vocabulary or description. I'm more connected to certain books than authors, like Gone with the Wind, Anna Karenina or Lolita. 

FBR: I can totally relate to that Jessica and the classics are always a winner aren't they? Thank you so much for sharing today, it was great to catch up with you. I can't wait for the next book in the series (due later in 2013) but I will definitely be doing a re-read of the first two books just before the third is released.



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My review for Come Alive can be found here


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Review - Come Alive - Jessica Hawkins

Come Alive by Jessica Hawkins

Second book in The Cityscape Series

Rating = 5 stars

*This book was provided to me by the author (via Netgalley) in exchange for my honest review*

The second book in the Cityscape series, Come Alive picks up three months after Come Undone, the first book, left us with that explosive cliff-hanger.

Okay so Olivia drove me crazy in Come Undone but through this book I wanted to strangle her! I kept shouting “Open your eyes woman!” “Stop being a martyr!” and other more expletive stuff. I felt physical and jaw dropping dread thinking Liv was not going to do what was right for her but she continues for the most part on her “what is expected of me” track. So frustrating! And there in the wings is David. Giving her space to do what she feels she needs to do but does that make it right? NO!

I’m glad I was proved right with my first impression of Bill, the husband. He continued to be so much the wrong man for Liv. Not that he wasn't nice or kind because he was. Yes Liv loved him but was she in love with him? NO! It was so obvious but she kept digging herself in that well paved route of doing what she should do not what she wants to do. 

Jessica has continued to develop the characters more insightful as this book was a whole lot darker and intense that the first book but still as angst driven. I could actually feel the quandary that Liv was going through but she sure as hell pushed the boundaries of self-preservation. How could she think she was protecting her heart when it was quite clear to the reader she was smashing it to pieces. Yes I know infidelity is not an easy subject to agree with but in some cases staying in a place that is not right for you surely alleviates the need to move the flip on!

David continued to grab my heart but even more so in this book as the reader was given further insight into his own demons and how utterly in love he was with Olivia. The ultimatum he gave near the end had me blown away and shouting NO! How could Olivia not see how right they were for each other? She confides her every thought and feeling with David but cannot tell her own husband anything. David is always looking out for her and notices the minute change in her yet Bill doesn't even notice when she has stopped eating? 

The meet up at the friend’s wedding brought everything to a head (in more ways than one for David!) and Liv knows her resolve has to be one way or the other. She cannot keep pretending to either her lover or her husband.

There is a HEA, albeit a short one and I thought I was heading for another cliff-hanger but no we find out who she has chosen and what an emotion packed chapter that was. Brilliant!

I would not have been entirely satisfied with the ending if I had not been aware there is a third book in the series due in late 2013 so we will find out further what happens to Liv, David and Bill. I have loved this series so far so I for one cannot wait. Bring it on!