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Blog Tour and Review | How To Save A Life by Andria Large | #NEW #Review #MMRomance #Bisexual

Title: How To Save A Life
Author: Andria Large
Genre: M/M Romance
Published: 24 May 2016

How do you save someone’s life?

There’s the obvious way of physically saving them from a tragic end.

Then there’s the more subtle way of saving someone who doesn’t know they need to be saved. Someone who is drowning emotionally and has no idea that they are slowing dying.

Ezra Whitmore is one of those people. After tragically losing his wife, he’s still going through the motions, but not really living. All he has now is his son, Spencer, and his career as a dentist. The life he thought he was going to have has been torn apart. The things he had once enjoyed no longer feel the same without the person he had shared everything with.

That is, until Ferris Jenkins crashes into his life. Not only does the lifeguard save his son from literally drowning in the ocean, but he also slowly starts to bring Ezra back to life.

As soon as Ferris lays eyes on Ezra, he can’t get the gorgeous dentist out of his head. He knows nothing will ever happen between them because…well, Ezra is straight and he’s gay. You can imagine Ferris’ surprise when Ezra gets drunk one night, kisses him, and admits that he’s always been attracted to guys. This gives Ferris hope that maybe, just maybe, he can land the man of his dreams.

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    This book took me by surprise as from the blurb I was expecting something light and predictable, A ‘gay for you’ kind of read. Totally was not (although I do love that trope) and it grabbed me from the onset. I like this author’s writing style and it was easy to be kept engrossed with the flow and storyline.

    Ezra is gradually finding his feet after the sudden death of his wife. Having the stress of a busy career as a dentist and looking after his fourteen year old son, it has been a struggle. Taking a rare day out at the beach it nearly ends in tragedy if not for the quick intervention of the lifeguard, Ferris. How little did Ezra know the way this man would continue to be his saviour.

    Ferris is openly gay and happy in his life even if it meant him having to cut loose from his family after they would no longer accept him in their lives for being gay. He has gone on to create a new family with friends and his job as a LGBT counsellor and a lifeguard at the weekends. When he saves the young boy from drowning he finds himself being unable to not check out the distraught father, inappropriate yes but this man is super sexy.

    After young Spencer makes a confession to his father, Ferris comes back into their lives unexpectedly and from here on in the two men become close.

    Ezra has always kept a part of himself hidden. He did, however, have a wonderful marriage that was sadly cut short. He finds himself now getting those feelings again, especially towards Ferris.

    The story then evolves of the building of a relationship of friends that ultimately take a turn of a different corner. I really loved the connection between Ezra and Ferris. The way they were at ease with each other and how the tension and passion was gradually exposed made the storyline all the more believable. What I also liked was that from the start when Ezra began to be attracted to Ferris he acknowledge his bisexuality. He even tried to date another woman to no avail which aided in his belief that his attraction to Ferris was right and ultimately unavoidable.

    I liked the family backgrounds and how the difficulties of coming out were covered as yes there was conflict but I liked how the inkling of redemption for them all was eluded to. I especially loved how Spencer stood up for Ferris that created the catalyst for the family healing.

    I was absolutely captivated by this book and the characters of Ferris and Ezra. Spencer was also a delight and it portrayed his own difficulties with his sexuality at a young age. The cast of the secondary characters added to the pain, anger and eventually happiness that was intertwined within the growing romance of this sexy pair. Yes there was plenty of sexy times and the passion was hot but I also loved the lingering looks, the secret touches and the ‘normalness’ of a gorgeous romance.

    I really loved this book with its simplicity of the romance and the effects this had on the people around them. An all encapsulating tale of friendship, family, redemption and love. Fabulous. Five stars. 

    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

    Excerpt from How To Save A Life © Andria Large 2016

    So, Ezra and I head for the dance floor. We find an open spot in the midst of the crowd that is mostly girls. I find out very quickly that Ezra is a really sexy dancer. Oh, what I would give to be all over that delicious body of his. He rolls his body like a goddamn male stripper. I’m mesmerized and completely turned the fuck on.

    A young girl, probably in her mid-twenties, dances her way in front of Ezra. She puts her back to him and shoves her ass in his crotch. She’s a cute girl with a nice body. Ezra’s eyebrows shoot up and his wide eyes meet mine. He actually gives me a “Help me!” look. Apparently, he’s not ready to have a young girl bumping and grinding on him. It seems that even though my friend is lonely and could use some lovin’, it doesn’t look like he’s ready to have some chick he doesn’t know rubbing herself all over him.

    Ferris to the rescue!

    I step closer and grab Ezra’s hand, pulling him out from behind the girl and up against my side. I wrap my free arm around his waist and pull him in so that we are touching from chest to thigh. Ezra can no doubt feel my erection against his hip, but it can’t be helped.

    “Hey!” the girl, who looks downright pissed, yells over the music. “I was dancing with him!”

    “Sorry, hun, but he’s with me, and I’d appreciate it if you kept your skanky ass away from his cock,” I drawl, palming Ezra’s ass for effect.

    I feel Ezra’s hand snake around my waist, causing goose bumps to pop up all over my skin. The girl rolls her eyes and mutters something about all of the hot ones being gay, before stomping off through the crowd. I smile my triumph and turn to look at Ezra, who is so close that our noses touch when I face him.

    My breath catches as a wave of desire hits me hard. Shit, I would love to seal my lips over his right now. I swear that same look is in his eyes again; but this time, the lust has been cranked up a notch. He looks like he’s actually thinking about kissing me, too.

    “You might want to dance with me if you don’t want to get hit on,” I murmur just loud enough for him to hear me.

    Ezra licks his bottom lip and gives me a jerky nod. “Yeah, okay, we can dance.”

    We slowly start swaying to the music. I turn slightly so that we are completely facing each other and slip my thigh in between his. The arm Ezra has around my waist tightens, pulling me closer. His nose brushing my cheek and ear, sending shivers down my spine. We grind against each other. I keep my hand on his ass for show...okay, that's a lie; I just want to touch his ass. It's a very nice ass - firm and round - and I'm fairly certain that what I'm feeling against my thigh is his erection. Fuck me, I'm in so much trouble with this guy. 
    Andria is married and a stay at home mother with two crazy little girls and two psychotic cats. She doesn't go anywhere without her precious iPhone and a purse full of animal crackers. She used to be completely obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, but now is only mildly obsessed (still goes to every concert when they are in town). She loves cartoons and Disney movies, and can probably recite every line from Dumb and Dumber. Humor is a must in her life; otherwise, it would be completely boring. Pepsi is her weakness, along with anything chocolate. She can't sing to save her life, but she pretends she can when she is alone in her car with the music blasting so that she can't hear herself.

    She loves to read Romance. Paranormal, Scottish, Military, Police, Firefighters, Athletes, Cowboys and M/M are her favorite. She is not so much a fan of YA, though. If you haven't been able to tell from reading her books, she likes - whether she is reading them or writing them - lots of hot steamy sex.


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