Monday, 20 August 2018

New MC Romance | Flamed With Courage (Cash Bar #3) by Hayley Faiman | #NEW #MCRomance

Title: Flamed With Courage
Series: Cash Bar #3
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: 20 August 2018

Whitley’s main goal in survival is to stay unnoticed. A shadow against a wall, and nothing else. 

Taken by a Notorious Devil in the midst of chaos, she’s no longer unseen. 

Free, Vice President of the Devils has lived a lifetime of guilt. It consumes him, threatens to control him with every breath he takes. 

He was resigned to a lifetime of paying his penance for the past. At least, until he sees her. 

Scared, threatened, and young. She is his chance to lessen his guilty conscious—to protect an innocent.

*Includes bonus short story - Doubled With Regret 

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to violence, language, and sexual content.

I was born and raised in California. My husband and I met when I was just 16. We were married a few years later, moving to Oregon while he was in the US Coast Guard.

Texas is now where we call home, where our boots rest, and where we're raising our two little boys and a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.

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