Saturday, 20 April 2013

Come away with me - Kristen Proby

Rating - 3 stars

This was such a lovely read. No angst or shocks, no suspense or violence, just an honest and straightforward romance.
Natalie Connor is a freelance photographer and whilst she is out and about in downtown Seattle taking shots for her next project she is almost accosted by Luke Williams who mistakenly believes she is paparazzo trying to invade on his privacy. Nothing could be further from the truth as Natalie has no idea he is a hot movie star trying to live his life out of the lime light.  When Luke realises this and that with this sexy curvy woman he can be himself as long as she doesn’t find out (for now) what he does, well things start to develop.
As I said a lovely read as the relationship turns to love. I liked Natalie even though her body issues started to get to me as there was nothing to have issues with (she had T and A – she’s a woman for heaven’s sake!) Luke was divine – jealous and possessive but extremely sweet and kind. Oh and he was sexy as hell!
A few little irks let this book down such as the over use of the word “beautiful”. The number of times he said she was beautiful really started to irritate me and after about the twentieth time I was ready to sling my kindle. I did a kindle count up – it appeared 185 times!
There was also too many sex scenes – I can’t believe I’m saying that either – but it did make me skip some parts. Less often but more in depth would have been better.
However I still enjoyed this book and I’m surprised this was a debut novel. It was nicely written. Just a few tweaks could have pushed this for a higher rating. Anyway nice read that has not put me off getting the next book. In fact I already have it loaded on my kindle. 

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