Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rock My Bed - Michelle A Valentine

Contemporary, Erotic, M/F

Rating = 5 Stars

I absolutely ADORED this book. In fact I will go as far to say this is the best book in the Black Falcons series.  This book just blew me away.

This is book 2 in the series (there is a 1.5 but that is still Noel and Lane) and I was a little apprehensive to see it would be about Riff. Not that I didn't like Riff, not at all as he has intrigued me from book 1, but he didn't get the best profile after all that went down with his big fall out with Noel. Oh and his reputation of being a total dirty dawg with the ladies. Yes he came across as the ultimate rep of the bad boy rock star, with his tats and piercings and his freaky Mohawk, he was a total embellishment of that role.

The book starts more or less at the beginning of the series and gives the reader an insight of what was going on around Noel and Lane when their story was being told. It pulled lots of things together for me and gave me a better understanding of some of the things that kicked off.

Riff is the lead guitarist with the Black Falcons and he loves his reputation as a ladies man with his fans. His one night hook ups help to keep his inner feelings protected and he uses his outside persona to keep people away and from getting too close. But then he meets Aubrey the little “Wild Cat”

Aubrey is the BFF of Lane and comes face to face with Riff at the Texas concert where he deems to “award” her with one of his golden tickets. But when Aubrey lets it flutter to the floor he sees the challenge in her that totally fulfils his kink. When he sees her friend request on one of his fan pages the next day it leads to some serious flirty PMs and an eventual hook up when she goes out on the tour at Lane’s invite.

From the start I loved these characters, with the flirty banter and the cheeky innuendos you could feel the passion pouring off the pages (well kindle screen) but as much I as liked Riff and Aubrey it was all about Zach and Kitten that got the love factor for me. Yes we find out that Riff’s real name is Zach and is the “real” him – a wonderful, lovable, all round good man who has learnt to close his heart and his feelings due to the tragedy of his family in his past. He sees that his “wild cat” who he semi tames to be “Kitten” is the one person who he wants to let in and with whom he can see all the good she brings into his life.

I just fell hard for Zach; I utterly adored him all way through. This book felt a lot more mature than the first book for some reason which gave it more strength for me. But I found it fascinating that I fell this hard for a character that I didn't really care for much in the first. This is all down to the wonderful writing of Michelle A Valentine. She truly is amazing at drawing the reader in and developing the relationship of reader to character so naturally. I found myself wondering how I could ever have not liked Riff/Zach.  I even found myself fangirling over Aubrey! No girly angst or hang ups for her!

The best part of this book for me was the” I won't give up” moment of the wonderful Jason Mraz track. This song is so close to my heart that it ingrained Zach and Kitten to me more. A wonderful moment in the book, beautifully done.

I highly recommend this series to anyone, and even though you could read this book as a standalone I strongly suggest you read them all in order otherwise you will not get to witness the beauty of the development of Riff’s character. A ten star read for me. Amazing.

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