Saturday, 20 April 2013

Own the Wind - Kristen Ashley

Rating = 5 stars +

So here it is at last – first book in the new Chaos series which I and all the KA addicts have been eagerly awaiting. This series has grown from the book Motorcycle Man (Dream Man series) where we first meet Tabitha “Tabby” Allen, daughter of Tack, leader of the MC Chaos.
Tabby has been crushing on Parker “Shy” Cage since she was sixteen years old and we got the first glimpse of this in Motorcycle Man. The story picks up some 5 years later at a turning point in Tabby’s life.
Shy was a lost soul since the death of his parents and with his brother now serving in the forces, he takes to his bike and rides the wind which brings him to the Chaos MC and his “brothers” where he finally finds a home and family again. Shy is aware of Tabby if only as the irritating daughter of his “pres” who keeps needing to be saved from situations she often finds herself in. However he finds himself feeling an overwhelming need to protect her.
Shy is a total woman magnate, an alpha male with all the yumminess that is tats and a biker! He often wakes up in a “babe pile” and easily earns his colourful reputation. When he again needs to go extract Tabby from a situation he mistakenly jumps to the wrong conclusion and hurts her deep. This leads to a total standoff between them for a long time and Shy knows he needs to amend for this wrong.
I was quite worried that this would be a more YA book when I first learned it was to be about Tabby but was pleased the book starts some five years later than MM and then the relationship builds over another couple of years. Oh and what a relationship build up! Shy is the total mirror of Tack who has always, ALWAYS! been my favourite of KA’s alpha men. I love this man deep! So obviously Shy is now on that same pedestal. Nobody can write an alpha man like KA can!
It was good to also see some of the other characters from the Dream Man and Rock Chick series such as Tyra, Hawk (yum!) Brock, Mitch, Lee (rawr!), Elvira (bad ass) and the wonderful Tex. The scene with Tex and Landon was beautifully done (man hugs *tear*) and speaking of Landon – he so better be in his own book. Please can I be his h? *shoves hand in air screaming Me! Me! Me!*
I’m glad to see that now KA is with GCP she has not been overly polished. Yes I can see subtle differences but we still have the very essence of her within every lovingly worded paragraph, every HAF kiss and every scorching sex scene. Yowzer sistah!
So do I love this book?  You bet your socks I do! In fact I think this is now one of my ultimate favourites of KA. I dreamed a dream……of a dream read. Oh yeah. Ten stars.

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