Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Outlaw by Nicole James

Contemporary, M/F

Rating 3 stars 

One of my favourite types of reads is bikers, MCs, tough cookie women and alpha men so to see this book cover and read the blurb I was rubbing my hands with glee and looking forward to the ride. Well the first part of the book didn't grab me but it was getting better but then for some reason it kind of went off track, got stuck in the mud then went in a totally different direction.

The basics of the story is Cole, VP of the MC, comes to the rescue of Angel who is being dragged across the car lot of the Dead Souls MC by the yucky Chucky for further degrading and vile treatment which he had been submitting her to for the past few days. Rape was mentioned so when she is rescued by Cole her behaviour towards him is a little hard to digest. Anyhow long story short they start a “let see where this goes” kind of relationship when neither can let go of the other. The retribution against Chuck takes the story to a darker place and tries to give some insight into the depth that Cole has come to in his world.

Next part runs forward three years after they were separated by interference from Mack the Pres of the MC. This is where I became a little unstuck and the plot seemed quite patched together and did not flow at all. Parts were so unbelievable it actually had me giving some serious LOLs.

I did not really “gel” with the characters and couldn't really identify any feeling towards them at all. Cole was far too weak a character to say he was a VP of an MC. Even a prospect would have seemed more dangerous than him! As for Angel she was a contradiction to herself. I found myself rooting for them both but I just couldn't pull it off, there was nothing really for me to drawn to either of them.

This book could have been so much more! There is a promise of a really good book here but the weaker parts just let it down.

I can see some other reviewers have really rated highly for this but after reading an Ashley, Wylde or a Sheehan biker book it was way off the mark for me.

Overall it was an OK read but did not rev my engine enough. I will, however, still look to read another of Nicole James books.

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