Sunday, 28 April 2013

Grand Slam - JT Cheyanne

Contemporary M/M

Rating = four stars
This was a number of firsts for me – my first JT Cheyanne book and my first about baseball. Both are something that I will continue to read.

I really enjoyed this book and was hooked on the whole baseball world (being from the UK it’s not something I come across) I loved the imagery of Spencer in his sports kit. Yum!

The story surrounds Spencer Hightower, a minor league baseball player with his eye on the big time of playing for the majors. Brock Kinkaid is a lovable geek who spends his working day number crunching. His dream is to one day have a family but as a gay man with disappointing experiences with past relationships he can see this slipping further away from him. This is why he spends so much time with his sister and her two adorable children Corey and Anna-Kate.

It is through Corey that the two gorgeous gay men are brought together – at a baseball game where Corey catches the ball that Spencer had hit into the crowd. This leads to a photo call and the pair locking lustful eyes on each other. The story then continues with their developing romance and all the misunderstandings and heart wrenching that entails.

I loved the chemistry between the two MCs and found this an easy read to fall into. Spencer surprised me at the dominance he displayed as I thought Brock, being the more serious and mature would fulfil this part. It was nice to see my expectations given a curveball! Spencer is the light to Brock’s dark and the way they interact with each other was a joy to read.

As with all good m/m reads there was some bigotry thrown in and I liked how Spencer handled that. However this also introduced a major bigot and the impact he had on the blossoming romance. It makes my blood boil that people do act like that in real life. Grrr.

Jason was another interference that had an impact on the pair. He wanted Spencer for himself and played on Brock’s insecurities to put a giant boulder in the love flow. What a piece of work he was (although he sounded darn sexy too LOL)

The pace and flow of the read was good and as such I didn’t want to put it down. However that was one little irk that just wouldn’t sit right with me and that was the behaviour and actions of Anna Kate who at four years old seemed well advanced for what she said and did. It is only because of this that this is a 4 star read. Everything else was fab!

An overall enjoyable read and has lead this English bint to want to read more about baseball. Oh and watch it (those tight pants just do it!)

 JT Cheyanne is now on my radar and I shall be watching out for more from her. 


  1. Thank you Mandie for putting our lovely JT out there!

  2. Thank you !!!!!!!! So glad you enjoyed Spencer and Brock's story. It was a joy to write.

  3. My pleasure entirely ladies. Thank you for your comments!