Monday, 22 April 2013

Real - Katy Evans

M/F Contemporary Romance

Rating = 5 stars +
This book is amazing, this book is raw, this book is off the charts, and this book is REAL! Oh WOW from the first line I was drawn into the atmospheric epicentre that is Remington “Riptide” Tate’s World.

Brooke is dragged along to an underground boxing match by her friend Melanie and here she first sets eyes on the dynamo that is Remy. He looks out from the ring and his eyes fall on Brooke. Here is the start of something big, something electric, and I loved being in the thick of it!

Due to a major disappointment in her life when she drops out of the Olympic trials after a career ending injury, Brooke is looking for a new purpose in life. What she doesn’t realise is how totally flipped her life was about to be.

Remy is at the top of his game, a lean, mean, killing machine. In the ring he is undefeated; he pours all his life’s disappointments into his focus of being the best. He is a total womaniser and user; he cares about nothing but the win. But then he meets Brooke.

I love Remy! He is divine! He is one damaged, deep, delicious, alpha badass you just want to devour. He is “Dimples. Dark scruffy jaw.  Boyish smile. Man’s body……” Oh. Em. Gee!!

The day after their explosive first meeting, Remy sends tickets for the next fight and gives Brooke and her friends ring side seats.  Brooke cannot take her eyes off Remy, he is intoxicating to watch. She cannot believe that this man wants her and promises herself she will take what she can from him. After the fight (which he wins of course) he asks her to join his crew and be his private therapist for the rest of the tour. Whilst this is a dream come true for her career, she feels somewhat disappointed he didn’t want her as his personal sex goddess. What she doesn’t know is that although Remy wants her as much, he is fighting his own personal demons and will not let Brooke in unless she KNOWS him. And WOW what a curveball that turns out to be.

The sexual tension in this book had me biting my lip constantly and crossing my legs! The author really knows how to create a build up because when IT did happen – sheesh, it was HOT! And then it got hotter and hotter.

The only itty bitty irk I had was the huge coincidence in that her darling sister Nora, who she thought was in Australia, turns up at the other side of the ring as the girlfriend (read plaything, captive sex object) of Remy’s nemesis, The Scorpion. Just a little bit unbelievable. However I loved the plot, the characters, and the whole shebang of this book. It was another “I WILL NOT PUT THIS DOWN UNTIL I HAVE FINISHED!” book for me.

I totally fell in love with this book and the whole underground boxing world, but mostly Remy. An utterly wonderful character with so many sides to him he was a story in himself. There was also a brilliant playlist with this read that totally rocked and was part of the experience of the story.

I am now totally stalking the author for more Remy – how wonderful to know that more will be coming in MINE due out in June. Time for a re-read of this FIVE STAR + book I think before then.

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