Thursday, 18 April 2013

Creed - Kristen Ashley
Rating =  3 Stars

Contemporary Romance. Read 19th September 2012

This is the second book of the Unfinished Hero series. The first book brought us the hot bad ass Knight – Knight Sebring of whom the female of this book, Sylvie Bissenette works for, looking after his “girls” who are under his protection.
Tucker Creed is Sylvie’s long time ago true love who she met when she was six years old and he was eleven. He promised her he would always be there for her, to love and cherish her, continue to give her peridot pendants on her birthdays for eternity. Then on her eighteenth birthday he broke that promise and left without a trace.
The story begins again when Creed returns to her side, sixteen years later when he takes on a contract with Knight. What then follows is the couple trying to resolve the issues of the past and what was left behind.
Hmm…I have mixed feelings about this book which I am so saddened to say as Kristen Ashley is one of my most favourite authors. To me this book did not follow the outline of the series. Who was the unfinished hero as Creed did not meet the criteria. How was he an anti-hero? What badness did he do? I could have maybe understood if KA had called this book Sylvie as, yes she did fit into that role (at a pinch).  I know that Kit had stated she did waver on calling the book this – I think she should have.
I could not bring myself to like Sylvie, she was OK but she got on my last nerve at times! She was too bad ass, too gung-ho, too MANLY for my liking. Yes I love that KA does not have wimpy assed women in her books, but Sylvie just went way over the top.  Creed on the other hand was likeable, he was doable! *grins* but he wasn’t like Knight at all. He did show the signs in his younger years which we saw in flashbacks throughout the book but in the present he was an OK guy, no badass at all.
This story actually reminded me of a book in Kristen’s The ‘Burgh series - Golden Trail. It was very similar in how Layne and Rocky were once lovers but then broke apart and got back together after decades. He also had kids to an ex-wife (by the way I LOVED that book!)
Another thing that got me going “hmmm-hoo-hum” was the sex. Yes I am complaining about TOO MUCH SEX! It wasn’t even meaningful and didn’t really benefit the storyline. Yes of course there was a need for some erotic sex but some of the scenes were not erotic ....just..…there on the page.
So all in all not my usual KA experience, I can’t say I hated it, in fact I did like it but I just did NOT love it. I feel so bad saying this but it left me feeling….so what?  Oh dear.

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