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Out Now | One Last Chance (Finding Love In Scotland #1) by Gina Azzi | #NEW #ContemporaryRomance

Title: One Last Chance
Series: Finding Love in Scotland #1
Author: Gina Azzi
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 25 March 2019


There’s only one thing harder than sharing office space with Finn Anderson: keeping my mind off him.

Weeks ago, he kissed me senseless and walked away. But my best friend’s cousin is back – and worse? He’s one of the only people I know in Scotland.

With his seductive Scottish accent and alluring blue eyes, one look from Finn sets my heart racing. Exchanging playful quips at office happy hours and smoldering glances through conference room doors proves that our chemistry is undeniable. Our connection, irrefutable.

But I can’t fall for Finn. Even though I’m halfway there.

He doesn’t do commitment or relationships.

Last month, I thought we were done. Over.

Turns out we’re just getting started. 

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When I get to the door, I turn quickly, and she stumbles back a step, as if I’ve caught
her off guard. I reach out to steady her, and my hand lingers on her shoulder,
my fingers brushing against the inside of her arm.

She inhales sharply, her eyes widening as they flicker over my lips.
Damn it.

Everything between us is too much, too real.

“Daisy.” My voice is low, and I struggle to control the torrent of emotions that flood me
as I stare at her upturned face. I want to pull her flush against me and kiss
her senseless as much as I want to turn around and leave. Memories from
Christmas flood back. I don’t know what’s going on between us. I had
said the words to her on Christmas Day and yet, they ring true now.

The tension between us crackles with energy as I drink in her multi-colored eyes, so bright
and intense, I could drown in them. Open desire mixed with anticipation
flickers across her expression as she boldly meets my gaze.

Mesmerized by her, conflicted by the emotions running through me, my hands clench into
fists. My fingers itch to wrap in her hair, my mouth begs to cover hers. Hell
yes, I want her. But I respect her too bloody much to make her one more girl in
my long list of one-night stands. Besides the obvious reasons why Daisy and I
shouldn’t hook up – we now work together and she’s Sierra’s best friend – she’s
also younger, more impressionable, and idealistic. I’m not the man for her, and
I never will be, which is why I force myself to lean forward and brush a casual
kiss across her cheek. “Make sure you lock the door behind me.”

I hear a small catch in her breath but when I pull back, she regards me carefully. Her
face impassive, her posture stiff, she holds the door open. “Night, Finn.
Thanks again.”

“See you, Dais.”  I step into the hall and walk down the flight of stairs, pausing until I hear the deadbolt latch. Sighing, I scrub my palm over my face. What the hell was that? Blowing out an exhale, I can still smell the vanilla from her shampoo and feel the soft, smooth skin of
her cheeks.

I couldn’t forget about Daisy if I tried.

And trust me, I’ve tried.

Author Bio

Gina Azzi writes Contemporary Romance with relatable, genuine characters experiencing real life love, friendships, and challenges.
She is the author of The Kane Brothers Series, The College Pact Series
(re-launching summer 2019), and Corner of Ocean and Bay. All of her books can
be read as stand-alone. 

A Jersey girl at heart, Gina has spent her twenties traveling the world, living and working abroad, before settling down in Ontario, Canada with her husband and three children. She's a voracious reader, daydreamer, and coffee enthusiast who loves meeting new people.

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