Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Out Now! | Second Sight by Patricia D Eddy | #NEW #RomanticSuspense #Military

Title: Second Sight
Series: Away From Keyboard #4
Author: Patricia D. Eddy
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
 Release Date: 12 March 2019


Green Beret Dax Holloway crawled out of the Taliban prison, Hell
Mountain, barely alive. His captors took more than his sight. They took his

Six years later, he’s carved out an existence back in Boston. One dependent on
routines. On walking the same path. Day after day. Through shadows and pain. 

Second Sight is his only refuge. The most elite investigative and security firm
in the country—built out of the rubble of his former life—gives him purpose in
a world he can no longer see. A world where he always feels out of place. 

Dax thought he’d buried the past. But some ghosts don’t stay dead. And some
wounds are forever. 

Evianna Archer’s life makes sense. A brilliant coder, she’s poised to be the
next darling of the tech world—heading up a project that will redefine home
security. Until one moment changes everything. 

Her life in chaos, she turns to Second Sight, where the unlikeliest of men
becomes her guide. Dax is everything she shouldn’t want, shouldn’t need,
shouldn't trust. But she's drawn to him, even if his darkness threatens to
consume them both. 

When they uncover a shocking secret, Dax must make a choice. Stay broken? Or
risk his heart—and his life—for the one woman who can see past his scars and
into his soul. 

*Second Sight is a slow burn military romantic thriller. All books in the Away
From Keyboard Series are standalone romances featuring a different couple, but
past couples and characters play active roles in future books.

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Author Bio

Patricia D. Eddy lives in many worlds. Witches, vampires, and shifters inhabit one of them, military men and women fill another, with sexy Doms and strong subs carving out the final slice of her literary universe. She admits to eleven novels (though there are at least five unfinished drafts on her desk right now), all while working a full-time job, running
half-marathons, and catering to the every whim of her three cats. Despite this
whirlwind, she still finds time to binge watch Doctor Who all of the Netflix
Marvel shows, and most recently, The Handmaid's Tale. Oh, and she hopes to one
day be able to say that she plays the guitar. Right now, she mostly tortures
the strings until they make noise.

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